How to Improve GRE Verbal Score in a Week

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Got a week to boost your GRE Verbal score and need a strategy? We’ve got you covered. Let’s turn that week into a verbal section victory with a seven-day plan. Remember, it’s okay to take breaks and avoid cramming sessions – this plan is designed to help you build a solid strategic foundation, not rely on last-minute studying. So let’s get started.

Day 1: Figure Out Where You Stand

  • Diagnostic test: Kick off with a practice GRE Verbal test. See what you’re good at and where you need work.
  • Content review: Based on your test results, brush up on vocab, reading strategies, and text completion techniques.

Day 2-4: Intense practice

  • Focused practice: Tackle the questions types that trip you up. Whether it’s text completion, sentence equivalence or reading comprehension, get in there and grapple with it.
  • Word wizardry: Boost your vocab with high-frequency GRE words. Make flashcards, use apps, and try out new words in sentences.
  • Reading rush: Practice reading and understanding complex passages against the clock. Spot main ideas, author’s tone, and key details.

Day 5: Test time

  • Mock test: Take a full Verbal section mock test. It’s like the real deal and lets you see how far you’ve come.
  • Analysis: Review your mock test results. Spot recurring mistakes and areas needing more work. Keep an eye on your timing too.

Day 6: Strategy refinement

  • Mistake makeover: Go over the questions you got wrong on the mock test. Understand why you got them wrong and find ways to dodge those errors.
  • Tick Tock: Get good at managing your time. Aim to spend just the right amount of time on each question without getting stuck.

Day 7: Final Stretch

  • Last practice set: Tackle a last set of GRE Verbal questions to lock in your skills and strategies. Keep it accurate and quick.
  • Confidence kick: Remember how far you’ve come this week. Stay positive and believe in yourself.

Top tips for success

  • Focus on the big stuff: Master the Verbal concepts that pop up a lot to really bump up your score.
  • Watch the clock: Practice answering questions fast. Don’t get bogged down on one question.
  • Elimination station: Rule out wrong answers to narrow down your choices.
  • Context is key: Get good at figuring out word meanings from context.
  • Stay cool: Keep calm and confident. Stress can mess with your performance.

Boosting your GRE Verbal score in a week takes focus, smart practice, and a can-do attitude. While a big score jump in a week might be tough, dedicated prep can definitely make a difference. By following these strategies, honing your skills, and keeping your cool, you’ll be ready to rock that GRE Verbal and nail your academic goals.

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