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Praxis PLT Preparation Tips: Some of the Best Resources to Use

Praxis PLT preparation

The Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) exam tests your general pedagogical knowledge. There are 4 different exams based on the grade level that you teach: early childhood, K-6, 5-9, and 7-12. The exam consists of 70 multiple-choice questions and four essay questions, which need to be completed within the allotted two hours.

According to the ETS website, the questions cover four content categories: students as learners; the instructional process; assessment; and professional development, leadership, and community. To prepare for these questions, you need the best resources in your Praxis PLT prepare toolbox. Check out some of these resources at your disposal.

ETS Website

The ETS website is a great place to start. Not only can it help familiarize you with the test format and content, but it also provides sample test questions and answers with explanations for you to review.

The website offers a full-length interactive practice test that you can purchase for $20. Although there is only one test available on the website, it provides a timed exam with a very similar format to the Praxis PLT exam that you’ll take.

Before taking the practice exam, you could purchase the online self-study tutorial that they offer for $45. The tutorial helps you develop a study plan and review content on the exam. It also contains several practice tests for you to take.

REA’s The Best Teacher’s Test Prep: 2nd Edition

The Research and Education Association published this revised study book in July 2004. Although it contains practical test-taking advice, 2 full-length practice exams, and content review, it has a few missing elements. For example, it doesn’t cover copyright and privacy laws. It also doesn’t contain the updated Bloom’s Taxonomy information. This book is a great starter place when studying for the exam, but it would be best to pair it with updated resources, too.

Praxis II PLT: Grades K-6 Exam Secrets Study Guide

This study guide was created by Mometrix Media LLC and contains 148 pages of review material. The book was published in 2015, so it has more up-to-date information. Another benefit of the study guide is that it covers various topics and concepts on the exam in a comprehensive manner. It also has general test-taking tips and strategies that you can use to pass the exam. Check out the 5 secret keys to Praxis II test success that you can use no matter which exam you take.

Kaplan’s PRAXIS: Book + Online

Another one of the best resources to prepare for Praxis PLT is Kaplan’s study guide. It offers a comprehensive review of the four content categories as well as test-taking strategies. You can take three full-length PLT Praxis tests. Then, review the answers with detailed explanations. It also contains sample written responses for the essay questions, so you can see how to formulate and organize your answer on the exam.

When looking for the best resources to prepare for Praxis PLT exams, it’s important to find one with updated information, a comprehensive review of the content categories, and plenty of practice tests for you to take. Check out these resources and determine which ones will help you Praxis PLT prepare for the exam.


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