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Praxis Core Reading: Integration of Knowledge and Ideas, Part 2

In my last post on this subject, we looked at the most common question types in Praxis Core Reading questions about the integration of knowledge and ideas. As I explained, questions about author argument and author purpose are very common.

Questions about the integration of visual and written information are not as common in Praxis Core Reading. But you can expect to see one infographic on the Praxis Core Reading Exam, followed by three questions. All three of these questions will be “integration” questions, because they require you to integrate an informational visual with its associated text.

Below is a typical infogrpahic passage and question set for Praxis Core Reading. Core Reading passages in this style are short, but you need to read them carefully. With fewer words and more visuals, every piece of information counts.


Joe’s Diner is a small-town restaurant that is open 7 days a week with different scheduled offerings for each day. The owners and managers prefer to stay closed for at least an hour between breakfast and lunch, to allow time for the preparation of new food. Below is a monthly menu for the restaurant.

Question 1

    Given the information provided, which of the following best accounts for the restaurant not closing between morning and afternoon on Monday and Friday?
    A) The restaurant staff are so busy on those days that they don’t have time to close.
    B) Only one kind of meal is served all day, so there is no need to prepare new food between the breakfast and lunch periods.
    C) The restaurant workers choose to do more preparation before the restaurant opens, so that a break is unnecessary later in the day.
    D) More people work on Mondays and Fridays, so it’s possible for some workers to keep serving while others prepare the next meal.
    E) A wider variety of food is served on Mondays and Fridays than on any other days.

Question 2

    Which of the following statements about the restaurant’s menu for March 2016 is best supported by the information provided?
    A) Joe’s Diner is open every morning, but not every afternoon or evening.
    B) On Saturday and Sunday, the restaurant keeps special evening hours.
    C) There are more lunch periods than breakfast periods.
    D) It’s possible to eat after 3pm at least three times a week.
    E) Joe’s Diner is open for more hours on Saturday than on any other day.

Question 3

During which time periods was Joe’s Diner open at least four days during the week?

    Select all that apply.
    A) 8:30-9:30-am
    B) 1-2pm
    C) 4-5pm

Answer Key

  1. B
  2. C
  3. A, B



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