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How Long Until I Get My Praxis Scores?

long get praxis scores

Waiting after a test to get your Praxis scores can make anyone impatient. You may or may not have gotten the unofficial scores at the end of your test, but you’re probably ready to know, “how long until I get my Praxis scores?”

Score Release Date Table

Here is the table of dates from ETS:

 Test Scores Available
Selected-Response Tests Offered Continuously 10–11 business days after test date
Selected-Response Tests Offered in Testing Windows 10–11 business days after testing window closes
Constructed-Response Tests Offered Continuously 15–16 business days after test date
Constructed-Response Tests Offered in Testing Windows 15–16 business days after testing window closes


Alright, that’s a lot of test jargon. Let’s break that down…

Test Type: Selected-Response or Constructed-Response?

This refers to what type of questions are on your test. For the Praxis Core, the Reading and Math subsections are both Selected-Response, which could also be called “multiple choice.” The Writing subsection is Constructed-Response because of the essay components. Basically, any question a human needs to grade is probably constructed response.

If you aren’t sure which test type you are taking, there are a couple ways to tell. First, you can look at the study companion for your test. They are available in a drop-down menu on the ETS website. It will tell you the question types your test includes. The other option is if you have already taken your test or have taken practice tests, think about the type of questions you answered. If there are any questions that were not multiple choice, then your test was probably a constructed response test. If your test includes both selected and constructed response questions, it is a constructed response test.

Test Date: Continuous Testing or Testing Window?

This refers to when the test is offered. The Praxis Core is offered continuously, meaning it is available any date, not just during a certain period.  Subject tests, though, are usually offered in a testing window. If you’d like to look up the testing window for your subject test, visit the ETS Praxis Test Centers and Dates page and scroll down to the bottom where it says “Praxis Subject Assessments.” Then, select your subject test from the list and look at the available testing windows.

So… How Long Until I Get My Praxis Scores?

If you have figured out what type of test (selected-response or constructed-response) you took and when it is offered (continuously or in a testing window), you can now figure out when scores are available from the table above. Let’s try a couple examples.

  • Praxis Core Reading –>  Selected-Response Test, Offered Continuously –> Scores Available 10-11 business days after test date
  • Praxis Core Writing –> Constructed-Response, Offered Continuously –> Scores Available 15-16 business days after test dates
  • Praxis Algebra I Subject Test –> Selected-Response, Offered in Testing Windows –> Scores Available 10-11 business days after testing window closes
  • Praxis French: World Language Subject Test –> Constructed-Response, Offered in Testing Windows –> Scores Available 15-16 business days after testing window closes

Remember, you can figure out when the testing window closes from the ETS testing centers and dates website.

Planning Your Test Date Accordingly

It’s good to figure out ahead of test registration when you can likely expect to receive your scores. You want to leave yourself enough time to:

You may receive unofficial scores when you take the test with selected response tests, but sometimes these scores differ by a few points from your official scores. It’s important not to plan around them especially when you right on the border of passing and failing in case your official scores come back slightly different. It’s also important to know that occasionally you won’t see unofficial scores, so you need to leave yourself time after the first test to get the official scores and re-register for a retake if necessary.

Hang in there! Your Praxis scores will come, I promise, and hopefully they will be great! 🙂

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2 Responses to How Long Until I Get My Praxis Scores?

  1. Kimberly Lee March 29, 2019 at 5:41 PM #

    If I took the core test which was reading, math and constructed response writing, my writing test scores would come in later than my reading and math? I received my reading and math 15 days to the date from my test but not my writing scores.

    • Magoosh Test Prep Expert
      Magoosh Test Prep Expert April 1, 2019 at 6:44 PM #

      Hi Kimberly!

      You’re absolutely right! Because the Writing test is a constructed response exam, it’ll need to be graded manually by a person. Therefore, it’ll take a little bit longer to receive your scores. In fact, they should arrive between 15 and 16 business days after your test date; this is about 3 weeks. With that said, I’m sure you could always contact ETS for more information. This link may help you!

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