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How to Cancel Your Praxis Scores

If something comes up in the middle of your Praxis test or you feel sure you did very poorly, you have the option to cancel your Praxis Scores on test day. Insider tip: it’s usually not a great idea.

How to Cancel Praxis Scores Magoosh
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When to Cancel Your Praxis Scores

The only big situation that might cause you to cancel your Praxis score is if something comes up in the middle of the test that keeps you from finishing. For example, if you became violently ill or learned of a family emergency, those situations might prevent you from finishing the test. Otherwise, I’d try to stick it out and at least use the test as a learning experience (complete with score information).

You have to make the decision to cancel your Praxis score before viewing your unofficial scores at the test center. So if you are just worried you didn’t do very well, you should go ahead and view your scores. You may surprise yourself!

When Not to Cancel Your Praxis Scores

I would tend to err on the side of not canceling your score. There just isn’t much benefit compared to the risk (the risk, in this case, is that you actually passed and now you’ll have to pay more to retake it). Even if you know you failed, having score information can be helpful to study the next time.

If you are taking a multi-part test, be especially wary of cancelling your Praxis scores. Say you are taking the Praxis Core. If you know you bombed the Math section but felt okay on the Writing and Reading, cancelling your score would cancel all three sections. You’d need to retake the entire Praxis Core test even if you would have passed Writing and Reading otherwise. The same goes if you felt fine during the first sections of a test and then got sick at the end.

Things to Know

  • If you cancel your Praxis scores, you do NOT receive a refund. Your test fees are considered forfeited. You can’t get your money back or put it towards a future test.
  • If you have a test with multiple parts, canceling your score will cancel your score for the entire test, not just one section. These tests are:
    o Combined Core Academic Skills for Educators tests (5751)
    o Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects (5001)
    o Pennsylvania Grades 4–8 Core Assessment (5152)
    o Elementary Education: Content Knowledge for Teaching (7801)
    o Elementary Education: Applied Content Knowledge for Teaching (7901)
  • If you cancel your Praxis scores, you can’t change your mind later and have it added back to your record.

How to Cancel Your Praxis Scores

So, after reading all that (which hopefully you read up before test day!), you decided you want to go ahead and cancel your scores after all. According to ETS, you can:

  • Cancel your scores at the test center at the end of the test session, but before viewing your score. Canceled scores apply only to tests taken on that day.
  • Or, you may simply stop taking a test (quit) before you complete it. You will not receive a score.

Hopefully, you never find yourself needing to cancel your Praxis scores. If you do, you’ll know what to do. Next, you can read up on retaking the Praxis, but hopefully you don’t need to!


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