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    Currently residing in New York, Adam has also lived in Arizona, Oregon, and France. A jazz saxophonist, tutor, and freelance writer, Adam is a graduate of Willamette University.

9 Awesome Scholarships for Teachers

It takes a fair amount of education to become a teacher, and undergraduate and graduate students know that getting a degree in the United States can come with a hefty price tag. Since you’re probably already considering taking the Praxis, don’t let your goal of becoming a teacher get sidelined for want of money: there […]

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What Are Passing Praxis Scores?

So you’ve decided to take the Praxis Core. Congratulations! But now you might be wondering, “How well do I need to do to get my certificate?” Fortunately, the Praxis Core is a pass-fail exam. You don’t need to be in the top 99th percentile to receive your certification. For the Praxis, passing scores will be […]

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