5 Facts about the Praxis Test for Speech-Language Pathology

A speech-language pathologist works with children and adults who struggle with communication. Before finding work, you need to complete a number of requirements, including passing the Praxis test for Speech-Language Pathology. If you need to take the exam, here are some things that you should know about it.

Praxis test for Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-Language Pathology Praxis Exam Basics

The exam consists of 132 questions that need to be completed in 150 minutes. It’s a computer-delivered exam. The score that you need depends on the state in which you plan to work. However, the ASHA requirements to pass the exam is currently 162 based on a 100-200 score range.

Topics Covered on the Speech-Language Pathology Praxis Exam

The exam is broken down into 3 sections which each make up 1/3 of the exam. The sections cover Foundations and Professional Practice; Screening, Assessment, Evaluation, and Diagnosis; and Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation of Treatment. Here are some of the things that you should study in each section.

  • Foundations and Professional Practice covers language development, factors that influence communication, epidemiology, research methods, legislation, wellness and prevention, collaboration methods, and documentation.
  • Screening, Assessment, Evaluation, and Diagnosis covers etiology and the diagnosis and assessment of communication, feeding, and swallowing disorders.
  • Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation of Treatment covers treatment plans and methods used for tracking progress.

Who Takes the Speech-Language Pathology Praxis Exam

Anyone who plans on becoming a speech-language pathologist should plan on taking the exam. It’s part of the requirements needed in order to work at a clinic, school, hospital, private practice, or other facility. You should schedule the exam after completing a master’s degree program in Speech-Language Pathology.

The Praxis test for Speech-Language Pathology is also one of the requirements for the ASHA Certificate, as well as, certain state boards and agencies in order to practice as a speech-language pathologist.

Speech-Language Pathology Praxis Study Tips

Start by determining your knowledge level of the various sections on the exam. Then, gather study materials, such as books, flash cards, or ASHA podcasts. It’s best to schedule the exam 3-4 months out, so you can have plenty of time to study. Create a study plan to determine when you’ll study what.

Some of the methods used for studying for the Praxis test for Speech-Language Pathology include explaining the concepts to others, creating a study group, and taking practice tests.

Speech-Language Pathology Testing Tips

When taking the test, don’t forget to:

  • Guess on questions that you don’t know. You won’t lose points for wrong answers.
  • Remember that the test isn’t trying to trick you.
  • Skip questions that you need more time on, and come back to them later.
  • Use the scratch paper provided to you.
  • Pace yourself and track your time.

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