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3 Ways to Discover Substitute Teacher Openings in Your Area

3 Ways to Discover Substitute Teacher Openings in Your Area -magoosh

Before graduating from college, I decided to look into substitute teacher openings. I figured that it would be a great way to gain practical teaching experience, make some money, and pad my resume. Of course, there are lots of reasons to seek out substitute teacher openings. If you’re looking for a full-time teaching position, substitute teaching is a great way to introduce yourself to school districts and individual schools. It’s also a great job for people who want a flexible position.

So how do you find substitute teacher openings? Check out these 3 places to find positions.

School District Website

If you want to get plenty of opportunities to substitute teach, it’s a good idea to apply to multiple school districts. Visit the school district’s websites to find out if they’re hiring substitute teachers. And, don’t forget to check out the prerequisites to make sure that you are eligible for a position with that district.

If you can’t find employment opportunities on the website, write an email to the Human Resources department contact or stop by the district offices.

Employment Sites

Which school districts are hiring? Are there charter schools or private schools in the area? To quickly discover openings in the area, try browsing employment sites. Type in your location. Then, search for substitute teacher openings. Is there a particular grade level or subject that you want to teach? Add that to your search. However, be open to the possibility of stepping outside of your comfort zone to find more opportunities and gain greater experience.

Some employment websites to try include Indeed, SimplyHired, LinkedIn, and Monster.

Local Schools

Is there a local school at which you want to substitute? Some schools, such as charter schools, private schools, and other alternative schools, hire substitute teachers directly. Stop by the school, and talk to the front office about substitute teacher openings. Find out how you can apply for the position. You may be able to pick up an application at the school, and start the process right away.

When applying for substitute teacher openings, don’t forget to update your resume. Include your education, work experience, volunteer experience, and other opportunities that relate to substitute teaching. Demonstrate how your prior experiences prepared you to substitute teach.

Then, prepare for the job interview, so you can clearly discuss how you would successfully handle classroom management issues and other problems that could come up when you’re working as a substitute teacher.


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    Jamie graduated from Brigham Young University- Idaho with a degree in English Education. She spent several years teaching and tutoring students at the elementary, high school, and college level. She currently works as a contract writer and curriculum developer for online education courses. In her free time, she enjoys running and spending time with her boys!

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