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15 Ways to Celebrate Passing the Praxis

You worked hard, you studied, you got your scores, and YOU PASSED THE PRAXIS! Woop, woop! No more studying! Time to celebrate!

15 Ways to Celebrate Passing the Praxis

  1. Have a dance party in your living room

Draw the curtains, turn the music up LOUD and get down, get funky.
dancing - Celebrate Passing the Praxis

  1. Have a DIY tapas night with your friends

Get fancy with some olives, good cheese, nuts, and meats. Bonus points for pairing it with a sparkling cider (or wine, if that’s your thing and you’re of age!) and proposing a toast. Your friends will love to help you celebrate your big achievement!

  1. Blow bubbles

This is extra fun if there are kids or dogs around to chase them.

  1. Play laser tag

Many cities have laser tag “arenas,” and it is so much fun. Go with a group of friends and pretend you’re in Mission Impossible.

  1. Binge watch that new show you’ve been hearing about

You have all this free time now, and you have been working hard studying. Take it easy with some hard-earned couch potato time.

  1. Find a nearby park and go exploring

This could be as simple as a picnic in the neighborhood park or as big as a weekend camping in a state park. You can also try out local hikes, bike rides, or even geocaching.

  1. Try a new class

Learn something new just for fun! Maybe try an adult beginning dance class, a photography workshop, learn how to code, or do a painting class with a friend.

  1. Run a theme race

Lots of 5ks (and some longer distances) in bigger cities have fun themes, like “glow-in-the-dark runs” or “inflatable runs” where you climb over bouncy castle type things. If you like your celebration with a dose of exercise, or are ready to sign up for a completely different sort of challenge, this might be for you!

  1. Relax outside

If it’s summer, you could go swimming or set up a lawn chair with your feet in a kiddie pool. Aw, yeah.

  1. Buy yourself something special

If you think of it before hand, this is also a great motivator for staying on track with your study schedule. It doesn’t have to break the bank, just a little something you’ve had your eye on.

  1. Have a “stay-cation”

Take the weekend (or even ask for an extra day off work) and explore all the nearby things in your town that you never see. Treat it as a vacation, but without the travel time. Check out that museum you’ve been meaning to visit, that intriguing “artisanal PB&J” place (whatever that is), the local theater. You could catch a concert one day and rent stand up paddle boards the next!

  1. Sleep in

Catch up on Z’s (though hopefully you stayed well-rested while you were studying, right?) and have a lazy morning.

  1. Make brunch

Make the classics: bacon, eggs, and pancakes. Alternatively, you could try out that new recipe for strata or overnight oats. Not that you need to celebrate anything to make yummy breakfast food, but it can’t hurt. Mmmm…

  1. Throw a party

The options here are pretty limitless. Here are two ideas. Have a fancy dinner party, where you cook and have your friends dress up to attend. Or have a themed party, which is especially easy around a favorite movie.

  1. Take a whole evening and read for fun

Ya know, in case you forgot books came in the non-textbook variety. 😉




  • Allison White

    Allison is an Early Childhood Educator who has been a teacher since 2010. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2010 with a degree in Psychology, focused in Child Development. She began her teaching career as a 2nd grade teacher in Washington, D.C. After moving to Denver, Colorado she discovered a passion for Early Childhood Special Education. She earned a Master’s in the subject from University of Colorado Denver in 2015. She spent Spring 2016 teaching pre-service early childhood educators at the undergraduate level. Now she and her husband are on a big adventure travelling around the western United States in an RV!

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