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Valid Identification for Your MCAT Test Day

valid identification mcat test day

You’ve studied for months. You’ve been focused. You’ve improved all your weaknesses from your MCAT studies.  You’re confident that you’re going to do well. You get a good night’s sleep. You show up at the test center after eating a great breakfast and start to register for the exam…but you’ve forgotten your ID. Now your months of work are disappearing before your eyes. Even if you rush back home in time to get your ID, you’ll likely be flustered and be in less than ideal state of mind for your big test. This hypothetical scenario is meant to emphasize the importance of having valid identification for your MCAT test day.

Valid Identification for Your MCAT Test Day

The AAMC provides a list of valid identification for your MCAT test day. These are the criteria for a valid ID on test day:

  • Be current (document must have an expiration date that has not passed)
  • Have been issued by a government agency
  • Include a photo, which can be used to positively identify you
  • Include your signature, which you will be asked to duplicate on test day
  • Be whole, with no evidence of tampering (e.g., no clipped corners or holes punched)

Note that it needs to be issued by a government agency. This means that your school ID or your work ID is NOT a valid form of identification. The two easiest forms of identification to bring would be either your state-issued driver’s license that should include your signature or your passport. Note that you also need to have the document be current! So if your driver’s license is expiring before your MCAT test date, you’ll need to put “renew driver’s license” on your MCAT to-do list.

In addition to studying the material, there are a lot of little things that go into your MCAT preparation. Knowing how to navigate these details are just as important in contributing to your MCAT success.


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