What Can I Use as an Alternative to Khan Academy’s MCAT Videos?

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Is Khan Academy’s MCAT Prep going away?

The good news is: not yet! In late 2021, Khan Academy announced that they will continue offering free MCAT content until 2026.

This is great news for students—Khan Academy’s free videos have played an important role in MCAT prep for years, particularly since many MCAT prep programs can be prohibitively expensive. It’s unclear if the content will be kept up-to-date or simply left up as an accessible resource, so we’re staying tuned.

If you’re still looking to access the videos, or to explore similar study options, there are other free and low cost resources out there for MCAT video review that you can use instead! We’ve put together this guide to help you.

Will I still be able to access the Khan Academy MCAT videos?

All video and prep content will be available until 2026 on the Khan Academy MCAT website. Additionally, the AAMC – Khan Academy page contains a guide for using these videos to prepare for the MCAT.

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In addition, the videos remain available on the Khan Academy MCAT YouTube Channel. However, keep in mind only the lessons are available on the YouTube channel, not the practice questions that were available on Khan Academy.

Like we mentioned above, it’s unclear whether there will be a plan to keep these videos up-to-date. Simply based on the 2020 announcement, it feels unlikely that Khan Academy will do that, so we’ll need to watch how their discussions with AAMC play out.

What can I use for free or low-cost MCAT video prep instead of Khan Academy?

Given the uncertainty over the future of Khan Academy’s MCAT course, you may be looking for some other free (or at least affordable) video-based resources for MCAT content review.

Below are a few of our favorites:


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  • Magoosh also has free MCAT flashcards for iOS, Android, and web (not video-based, we know, but they are number #1 in the App Store for MCAT!).
  • You can also get a year’s worth of access to Magoosh’s complete premium MCAT Prep (including almost 400 videos) for under $300.

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Other Resources

We are focusing on MCAT video resources here, but if you’re interested in books, take a look at our MCAT book reviews, as well.

We know this is a lot of uncertainty for MCAT students in the middle of their prep! At Magoosh, it’s our mission to make test prep more accessible, effective, and enjoyable. We are actively working on ways to make our content more accessible, given these big changes from Khan Academy, so leave a comment and let us know how we can help!

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