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How to Improve MCAT Time Management

How to Improve MCAT Time Management
You’ve decided to apply to medical school and study for the MCAT! But in addition to studying for the MCAT, you have a part-time job, summer classes, two weddings, and a birthday party to attend. How will you ever find time to study for the MCAT? This post will discuss some tips on how to improve MCAT time management — and maybe overall time management.

How to Improve MCAT Time Management

The first thing to realize about MCAT time management is that it will, in fact, take time. You won’t be able to squeeze in MCAT studying in your spare moments (though you should! More on this later). You will have to prioritize what is important to you and see where studying for the MCAT falls on that list. Helping plan your sibling’s wedding and won’t have time to study now? That’s fine! Delaying taking the MCAT or even taking a year off before applying to medical school isn’t the worst thing — and might actually benefit you. Just catching up on TV shows this summer? Maybe you can carve out time to study for the MCAT!

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Coming up with a schedule can be really helpful for MCAT time management. Depending on how far you are from your test date, try to carve out anywhere from one to eight (!) hours a day of uninterrupted study time. To avoid cramming, try to come up with a schedule depending on how long you have until the MCAT, whether it’s months or a week.

Finally, use whatever spare moments you have to prepare for the MCAT. Riding the bus? Try to get audio to listen to while you are riding, like the ones Examkrackers offers. Waiting for a friend? Have flashcards made to learn a few more formulas or facts. Magoosh offers affordable, online MCAT prep that you can access anytime, anywhere. Using moments like these shouldn’t be the bulk of your studying, but can really add up and make your studying and memorization more efficient.

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