A Case for Going to Law School Directly After College

The term “K-JD” (kindergarten through JD) refers to a student who continues on with his JD education immediately after graduating from college. There are many factors that you should consider when planning out your path to law school. That said, what are some of the pros of becoming a K-JD?

1. Immediate access to professors

Law school admissions officers are most interested in seeing letters of recommendation from professors and others who have personally seen your academic work. Oftentimes, those who delay applying to law school have weaker connections with their former professors. As a current college student, you have the advantage of being able to schedule an appointment to visit a professor and speak with her in person about why law is the right path for you.

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2. Continuity in “school mode”

Law school is challenging, no doubt, and you’ll need to quickly adapt to the rigorous reading and writing assignments that law professors will give you. Applicants who take time off from school may find their core academic skills lacking – not many jobs require you to sift through hundreds of pages of reading material, so it can be difficult to keep this kind of skill sharp. As a K-JD, you’ll have the benefit of walking into law school with a strong undergraduate academic foundation.

3. Academic credibility

K-JDs with strong undergraduate records have no issue convincing admissions officers that they’re prepared for law school academics, particularly when a strong GPA is paired with a solid LSAT score. In contrast, a strong undergraduate GPA from ten years ago is not going to carry that same credibility. Applicants who delay applying for a long period of time will need to absolutely own the LSAT to assure admissions officers that their academic skills are still up to par.

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4. Earlier graduation from law school

Of course, going to law school earlier in your career also means graduating from law school earlier than those who take time off. That means you’ll be able to land a job in law earlier in your career. For students who know that law is the field for them, this is a major selling point.


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