AP US History Exam Review

Ap US history exam review

A quality AP US History exam review covers a lot of material – 9 different time periods and 7 historical themes. Our AP US History exam review will help keep you focused and on task as you prepare for your upcoming test!
As you begin your exam review, take the time to figure out your individual strengths and weaknesses. Try out a variety of study methods in order to determine what works best for your learning style.

Take a practice test

Although it will take you around 3 hours to complete, taking a practice test is a wise investment of your time. A practice test helps kick off your AP US History exam review by identifying key concepts that may need to target while studying. If you score high on Social Darwinism, but low on the DBQ regarding Women’s Rights, you have a much better understanding of which concepts to review more frequently.
There are many options to choose from online, but you can view our top 5 practice tests here.

Make a study schedule – and stick to it!

With so much AP US History information to review, it is helpful to create a study calendar to ensure you don’t miss key concepts or skills while studying. You don’t even have to spend time making your own – there are many online to choose from. Albert.io offers a one-month study guide, while Kaplan provides one-month or quarter long calendars.
Tailor your study schedule to fit your individual needs. You are more likely to follow a plan if it accommodates your existing daily schedule. Since you aren’t teaching yourself new material, just reviewing, your study time may only be a few days per week.
Most students say 4-6 weeks is sufficient time to prepare for the exam, but adjust your personal timeline as needed. The most important thing is to study regularly throughout your entire AP US History review, not just cram a quick study session in the night prior to your test…

Find quality review materials

You most likely have tons of review materials already, most from your current APUSH class. Your textbook, class notes and chapter outlines are invaluable resources that are free and readily available. But don’t be afraid to use other resources found online. (The best part: someone else has already done the work for you!)
Thanks to the internet, studying with flashcards or other premade materials is no longer the tedious process it used to be. Check out sites like Quizlet (my personal favorite), Cram or APUSHReview. Search for broad terms, such as APUSH, or AP US History, as well as specific content such as Civil War or Gilded Age for best overall selection.
In addition to thousands of APUSH online quizzes, APUSH practice tests and chapter outlines to choose from, there are also some really fun APUSH review games to help make review time a little less boring. Don’t have time to search through all these resources online? Take a look at our 5 best APUSH prep resources. With so many options, you may never have to review your class notes!

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