Top 10 APUSH Review Games

Top 10 APUSH Review Games

Although APUSH exams are serious business, your study time doesn’t have to be. Believe it or not, there are fun ways to review for APUSH exams. These top 10 APUSH review games are our favorite ways to study for upcoming exams.
Most of the sites in the list below have pre-existing APUSH content just waiting for you to review! Search game sites for relevant content in a variety of ways to ensure access to all the games available. Certainly search for “APUSH”, but also think about looking for games listed under a specific theme, time period or subject. Also consider creating your own if you have time. Making your own game sets will individualize your content and study needs.

APUSH Review Game #1: Jeopardy Labs

Can I get APUSH online for $200, Alex? Check out Jeopardy Labs for a ton of APUSH review games. Browse under “APUSH” for games sorted by semester, time period or major historical event. You can play using multiple players/teams, or just challenge yourself. Like all of the options on this list, Jeopardy Labs provides all of this information for free.

APUSH Review Game #2: Flipquiz

For one of the most extensive collections of APUSH quizzes, head to Sign up for a free account and gain access to already-made quizzes. Search “APUSH” for over 40 boards to play and review. Or feel free to make your own. Tailoring your review games to fit your individual needs can be a smarter way to study. Need more practice with a certain time period or content? Add more questions in that area, or create a board that contains just that content.

APUSH Review Game #3: Albert

Albert is an online learning site dedicated to providing quality online practice for all things AP. This site offers some of the best quizzes out there for online review. The site covers all time periods and major themes needed for successful APUSH review. If you are AP testing in other courses, check out all their other listings as well! Albert offers complete review games for most AP subject exams.

APUSH Review Game #4: Quizlet

Quizlet may be one of the most effective ways to review exam information. As an online flashcard and game site, Quizlet offers a variety of ways to practice using the same information. You don’t even have to spend time creating your own sets; there are over 50+ available for free. Unlike many of the sites listed here, you do have to create an account in order to play. Use each data set as flashcards, take a test, match terms or blast asteroids in Gravity! Each question comes with a full explanation of the correct answer.

APUSH Review Game #5: Review Game Zone

The idea of Review Game Zone is simple: create a data set (or use an existing one) with APUSH review questions and answers. Use your data set to play multiple game formats, such as racing, alien intruder or bouncing balls. Answer questions throughout the game to get a fun review. Review Game Zone is searchable by subject (“history”) or advanced search (“APUSH”). There are 6 exclusive data sets for APUSH review just waiting for you to take a look at.

APUSH Review Game #6: Sporcle

Sporcle is a free site trivia site specializing in online quizzes. They have quizzes for everything! With over 142 existing APUSH review quizzes, chances are you will be not have to create any study materials on your own.

APUSH Review Game #7: Purpose Games has an entire section dedicated to APUSH review. The great thing about this review game site is that it covers such a broad range of APUSH subjects. You can find a quiz on Presidents, colonial founders, geography or landforms.

APUSH Review Game #8: Class Tools

Use to integrate APUSH review information in to 1980s arcade games. If you have a hankering to play Pong or Pac-Man, this site is for you. Be warned, this site is not the most efficient use of your study time. There is a lot more playing than reviewing when using these games. Like other sites, there are several free games already created that are relevant to APUSH content, so take a look at existing games before making your own.

APUSH Review Game #9: Kahoot

If you are looking for a group study option, then check out Kahoot. Sign up for a fee account to get started. Kahoot is a game-based approach to learning. Create a quiz, then play! This online quiz forum is designed for multiple players. If you are tired of the same old quiz format, check out Kahoot’s newest game: Jumble. Jumble questions challenge players to place answers in the correct order rather than selecting a single correct answer.

APUSH Review Game #10: Pinterest

Although technically not a game, a visit to Pinterest can be one of the best ways to get ideas for APUSH review. Pinterest does your work for you – all you have to do is scroll through someone else’s boards. Find interesting ways to review whatever APUSH theme or topic you need help with the most. You never know whatever what new ideas you will be exposed to!

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