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4 Helpful AP US History Practice Tests

4 Helpful AP US History Practice Tests

Like all skills, the more your practice taking a test, the better your chances of success. Practice tests help review content material, set a baseline for knowledge learned and build test-taking stamina. Use our 4 helpful AP US History practice tests to prepare for your upcoming exam. Check out the list and start studying!

AP US History Practice Test #1: AP College Board

AP College Board is the official exam of AP. You can practice using a previously released exam for the first three test sections, then select a long essay response questions. (They date all the way back to 2001, so you have plenty to choose from!)
Why this practice test is helpful: College Board is the official home of the AP exam, which makes this practice test the closest experience you can get to the real thing. If you want an accurate review of the current testing format, scoring guidelines and overall feel of the test itself, practice using the AP US History test from College Board.

AP US History Practice Test #2: College Board Previously Released Exams

What? AP College Board again?!? Kind of. Although no longer active, previously released copies of old AP US History tests can be great practice. These tests are from years prior to the AP redesign in 2015, but still contain valuable information and testing experience.

Why these practice tests are helpful: Just like the 2015 version, these older tests provide full AP US History practice. You get a true look at a complete test. Make sure you time yourself to get a realistic perspective on your APUSH strengths and weaknesses!

AP US History Practice Test #3: High School Test Prep

While this site does not provide practice for the written response sections, High School Test Prep it does cover all 9 time periods of the AP US History exam. Every set of multiple-choice questions comes with an answer explanation key, as well as an overall score total.
Why this practice test is helpful: Each set of questions includes visual references to use in solving the question. Use this test to familiarize yourself with maps, graphs, charts and other visual materials that you may encounter while taking your AP US History test.

AP US History Practice Test #4: Barronā€™s Test Prep

Barron’s does their homework on keeping topics and questions up to date. Their new test revision means that your online test practice is in a similar format and level of difficulty found on the actual AP US History exam.
Why this practice test is helpful: Barronā€™s AP US History practice test comes in two modes: timed or practice. If you are looking to replicate a true testing experience, the ā€œtimedā€ mode is undoubtedly the most practical option. However, Barronā€™s ā€œpracticeā€ mode allows you to see answer explanations for each question – a great tool for any studentā€™s study plan.
Are you looking for even more AP US History practice tests? Here are 5 more online test practice tests to review! Find additional information about study materials, tips and everything APUSH, visit our Magoosh APUSH blogs.


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