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Doing well on the GRE is as much about strategy as it is about conceptual knowledge and skill. Learn tips for GRE prep, time management, test-day stress, and test-specific concepts. Then apply these tips to your practice and see what works for you.

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Time is of the essence, they say. There are few areas in life in which this cliché is more pertinent than it is to the GRE. Clever time saving strategies cannot fill in any deficits of knowledge the way learning a vocabulary list can. They can, however, help you perform much better on the anxiety-provoking […]

Finding a good tutor is not easy. Sometimes they are attached to a class or company. Sometimes they are rōnin, making them hard to find. Sometimes you can’t tell how competent they are. Sometimes you need to take out a loan to pay them. So how do you go about finding a good tutor that […]

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Last summer, ETS released a massive file called A Compendium of Studies, a 279-page document of GRE esoterica. There understandably wasn’t much fanfare surrounding this release, as this is some pretty dry, technical stuff (the GRE reading passages are fun, by contrast). Nonetheless, I’m guessing some of you might have stumbled across it and wondered […]

Changing Your Answer I welcome the latest press release by ETS, which provides helpful data regarding students changing their answer choices on the GRE exam. Indeed, it overturns a common fallacy that I’m sure has hurt students’ scores. Nonetheless, one has to be careful in interpreting ETS’s latest findings. For instance, students might very likely […]

Today, we’re hearing from Xizewen, who has some great tips for working on your math skills. 🙂  My approach: During my two-week preparation period of GRE, I mainly used two products of Magoosh, the GRE Vocabulary Flashcards, and the practice problems of math section. Although I didn’t have much time to prepare for the exam, the […]

The internet has changed the way that tutors teach the GRE. As a GRE tutor or coach, how do you find the best resources and motivators to help your students succeed and get into grad school? GRE Expert, Chris, is here with some helpful tips and guidelines gained from his experience as a GRE tutor.

Plans are worthless, but planning is everything. We begin with this quote from Dwight D. Eisenhower because it illustrates a very important point—falling off the study wagon not only is normal but also expected. Even the best laid plans are imperfect. Studying for the GRE is an arduous process that takes time, and after all […]

Let me start off by saying that while I may be a Magoosher named Chris, I’m not Chris Lele. That means I’m not some verbal fiend who devours vocabulary like manna from heaven. It also means that I haven’t memorized all of the prime numbers up to 1,000. Or 10,000. Or however many Lele knows. […]

Children and more mature students typically differ in their response to getting a question incorrect.   For younger children, and especially for self-absorbed teenagers, getting answers wrong can too easily be interpreted as some kind of negative personal message (e.g. “I’m dumb”, “there’s something wrong with me”, etc.) and it becomes a negative frustrating experience. Getting […]