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GRE Tips from Magoosh Superfans

When you are a Magoosh Premium GRE student, you gain access to our vibrant and supportive Superfan community on Facebook. Not only is it a super positive place to be, but there is a TON of knowledge and expertise available from students who have already aced the GRE. We wanted to showcase that! Read on for some GRE tips from our superfans!


Debbie Kay: First, stay positive and remember to take breaks while studying! It can get discouraging at times, but be sure to remind yourself what your end goal is and hopefully that picks you back up! Secondly, working full time and studying for the GRE was tough, but doing 5 minutes of the vocabulary flashcards here and there will add up. Any bit of studying helps!


Sanjay AJ: Minimize distractions. Dedicate time to practicing every day and make it your priority. It might seem difficult if you’ve a full-time job or a full-time student but know that you’re not alone. Personally, I was putting in 12 hours at work and two hours to studying. Proper nutrition really helped with managing a tight study schedule.


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Brenda Mejia: This isn’t only about learning about the material (Math, Vocab, etc), it’s about learning how YOU learn. Spend some time studying yourself and analyzing practice tests/questions you did and try to notice trends; you’ll start to see that you tend to make the same mistakes or veer toward the same type of wrong answers.


Jilliane Marai: The only way I managed to meet my target score was to follow one principle of learning using all the most appropriate materials (Magoosh for everything, Manhattan and Khan Academy for concept foundation, Barron’s for vocabulary building, Elevate the iPhone app for generalizing the skills: use it or lose it. Use my neurons, or lose my neurons; that is how the brain works anyway. If weaknesses are not identified, made aware of, and targeted repeatedly, there can be no progress.


Amanda Cheung: AWA tip: Check the ETS website with all the possible AWA prompts. Work on a few each day under timed conditions. After you finish, re-read what you wrote and try to score it yourself based on the rubric. Think about how you could better approach each prompt and what you would change. Repeat each day with new prompts. Focus on topics you aren’t as familiar with.


Emily Colon Fernandez: Trust your own pace. Everyone works and learns differently; finding YOUR best learning/answering strategy is will be key for test day.


Joshi Kumar: Detach yourself from the end result on the day of the exam – target of 310,320,330. Just go into the exam knowing you have covered every possible questions (this will be great boost to your morale). This is important, as you will not bungle up under pressure. Always practice with a timer, no matter if it’s an easy or hard question – just keep a timer and challenge yourself against it. You should know the outcome of this exercise in your first full length mock test.


Borun Das: Don’t use too many resources. Just stay with Magoosh and ETS OG, besides these, for Quant – Manhattan 5lb and for verbal GMAT OG … it is enough to get your desired score.


Dámaris Gomez: 1)While studying with Magoosh GRE start your math practice sessions on the easy levels and gradually build your way up to the medium, high and very high levels. That way you will build confidence and feel more comfortable answering questions at the very high levels. 2) During the actual GRE test, answer first the easy questions or shorter verbal passages and then go back to the longer or difficult questions, that way you will save time and will be able to focus more on those questions that require more concentration.


Jari Javier: If you are studying after the rigidity of college, remember to set up a space just for focusing. Whether that be a coffee shop, a seat at the counter, somewhere that you only use to study so when you sit there your mind knows its study time. Also remember to be kind to yourself! Prioritize your health and mental well being. I have affirmative note cards on the wall that say things like “Actually, I can” and “I possess the strength and ability to accomplish my goals”. It is really helpful to keep up morale. Also if you are taking time to study (as in not having a job like me) remember that GRE prep is an investment into your best self and it is okay to invest in yourself. Don’t compare your success to others.


Sadanand Wachche: DON’T HATE GRE! Although it can be hard, take it as a challenge, an opportunity. A good GRE score will boost your confidence, make a good impression on adcoms (especially if you don’t have a great GPA). Some loan committee and Scholarship consider GRE score as an important evaluation criterion. While preparing GRE, I came across some transformative ideas which widened my perspective, developed an interest in entirely new fields, learned a good deal about myself, met some amazing people over the online communities like magoosh superfans and even got a direction on what I want my career to be. So face the prep with an open, happy mind. “Learning is Never a Waste of Time.”


Mariella Quispe: Never, never give up!!! 🙂


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