Albany Law School: Are my LSAT Scores good enough?

If you’ve taken the LSAT and you don’t have the score to get into Harvard or Yale, don’t worry. There are a lot more schools than the big ones. There are hundreds of law schools all across the country, and each one is different. Finding the right law school for you should be based more on what you want to do with your law degree, and not just on numbers.

Albany Law School could be the school for you. It was founded way back in 1851, and it’s the oldest independent law school in the United States. One more factoid for you: Albany Law School is the ONLY law school inside New York’s capital region. That means if you attend this school, you’ll have a ton of opportunities with the local state legislature, court of appeals, the federal district court, and other state agencies.

While the law school is ranked 129th in the country according to US News, you’ll still have ample opportunity in the area, and be uniquely positioned in the community with other alumni.

Albany Law School LSAT ranges

154 and higher: If Albany Law School is on the top of your list, you should definitely apply here with anything above a 154. Any score over 154 is over the 75th percentile, and, as long as you have a decent G.P.A., say anything higher than a 3.23, getting into the school should be pretty straightforward.

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152-153: You are above the median score in this range, and still have a great chance to get in. You’ll want to have a solid G.P.A. when applying, just to be sure. Don’t stress too much with a score like this.

151: Last year the law school accepted 132 out of 984 applicants. The median score was 151. If you can score at least a 151 on the LSAT, you’ll have a higher score than 50% of the applicants that were ultimately accepted.

149-150: If your score is in this range, you are going to need some help from your application and grades. Stellar grades will probably push you over the top. However, you need to keep in mind that with scores in this range, you’ll be facing stiff competition with a bunch of students with similar scores. If you have anything in your background to help you stick out, whether it’s “diversity” or some amazing reference or work experience, while you can still apply, getting in will be the luck of the draw.

148 and below: If you score below a 148 on the LSAT, you will need to do one of two things: reconsider going to law school, or take the LSAT again. Albany Law School has a reputation for taking lower scores than the national average. Still, submitting an application with a score this low will be like throwing a hail Mary at the end of a football game. Your application will need to be amazing, like Mother Teresa amazing, to get you consideration.

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