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Free LSAT Practice Test with Official LSAC Questions and Expert Explanations

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What’s the best way to get ready for the LSAT?

Practicing with high-quality materials—and more specifically, official LSAT practice tests (known as PrepTests). LSAT questions have their own logic and take time and experience to master.

Luckily, Magoosh has a free LSAT practice test with official questions AND expert explanations for every single question that you can use to polish your skills before test day, or use as an LSAT diagnostic test to learn the lay of the land!

This test is brought to by permission of the Law School Admission Council (LSAC®).

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What You’ll See on This LSAT Practice Test

What can you expect to see in this PDF? This test is the actual LSAT test that was administered in June 2007, so you’re getting top-notch practice directly from the test-maker. On this test, you’ll see the following sections and question types:

Section NameNumber of QuestionsTime
Logical Reasoning (two sections)24-26 (x 2)35 minutes
Logic Games (AKA Analytical Reasoning)24-2635 minutes
Reading Comprehension24-2635 minutes
Writing Sample135 minutes


Why It’s Important to Practice with Official LSAT Questions

In order to master every question type before your official exam, it’s important to see exactly what the test looks like. And there’s no better way to do that than by looking at previous exams! Magoosh is pleased to be one of the top-recommended, and most affordable, test prep providers that uses official LSAC questions in our LSAT Prep product.

In fact, a Magoosh subscription gives you access to the LSAC Official Prep Plus tests for no extra charge: all of LSAC’s official released tests!


How to Take the Test

Working through an LSAT piecemeal—one section on the bus, the next during dinner—won’t prepare you for the endurance you’ll need on test day. Instead, use the following guidelines to make sure your environment is as test-like as possible.

  • Pick the right place
  • It’s important to practice in a quiet, calm environment where you won’t be disturbed—just like on test day.

  • Time yourself
  • You won’t get an accurate sense of your current abilities on the LSAT unless you stick to the official timing guidelines. If you’re taking the test digitally, you won’t need a timer; there’s an official countdown timer on-screen that will tell you how long you have left in the section. If you are taking a paper practice test, make sure to have a watch or timer handy. Don’t use the one on your phone, as you won’t be able to have your phone in the room on test day (and it’s distracting!).

  • Understand the differences between this LSAT practice test and the official exam
  • While the content on this test is exactly like what you’ll see on test day, there are two key differences to remember.

    First, this test doesn’t have a variable section. This won’t affect your score—after all, the variable section is unscored—but it will make the actual exam slightly longer.

    Second, even though taking a practice exam can be stressful, it’s still not as stressful as test day, where you’ll be in an unfamiliar environment. You can prepare for this, though (see the first bullet point above) by working in a library or other calm setting.


How to Score Your Practice Test

You’ve finished your free LSAT practice test—congratulations! What now? It’s time to score your work. Take a look at Magoosh’s explanations.

We have complete written explanations here and video explanations for each question here.

Then, find out how your score stacks up by reviewing how the LSAT scoring scale works.

A lot of students leave their practice tests behind once they get their scores—but the highest-scoring students know that they can mine the test for even more information. After you take and grade your test, it’s time to review your practice LSAT. Using this exam as an LSAT diagnostic test will help you learn your strengths and target your weaknesses as you move forward.


LSAT Practice Test FAQ

How is the LSAT scored?

The LSAT is scored on a scale of 120 to 180. Magoosh’s experts explain more about the LSAT score scale here.

What’s a good LSAT score?

“Good” is relative depending on where you want to go. For a top-14 law school, your goal should be above 162 (above 170 to be very competitive); for a top-50 school, aim for 154 or above (above 160 to be very competitive). Check out our info on LSAT scores for top schools for more details.

How long do I need to prep for the LSAT?

That’s exactly what an LSAT practice test can help you figure out! How close are you to your score goals? How much study time do you have? When do you hope to enter law school? Take a look at Magoosh’s LSAT study plans to see which one best fits into your life right now.

Is my LSAT score good enough for x/y/z school?

The best way to find out is to look at middle 50% scores (25th-75th percentiles) for the schools you’re hoping to get into. You can also check out LSAC’s nifty tool for predicting the likelihood you’ll get into different law schools based on your GPA and LSAT scores.

How predictive is this practice test score for the actual LSAT?

This practice test contains actual LSAT questions that appeared on official previous tests—so it’s pretty predictive. Follow these tips for your best possible score on the official exam.


What to Do After This Free LSAT Practice Test

You’ve just taken a big step in your LSAT journey, so take a minute to celebrate! Next, know that you can use this exam as an LSAT diagnostic test to get a sense of your current skills and abilities. With that in mind, head over to Magoosh’s LSAT study schedules to set yourself up with the best plan to get you to test day and download our FREE LSAT prep checklist to measure your LSAT readiness along the way.

Looking for more materials? Check out Magoosh’s free LSAT study guide. As you do, start thinking about how many other practice tests you’ll take (and read our advice about where to find them!

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