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The GRE is one step on your path to graduate school. Keep your eye on your goal by learning more about graduate programs and the scores you'll need to get into your dream school. Once you get your grad school acceptance letter, all this studying will be worth it!

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While the college application process is certainly difficult to navigate, there are a lot of resources available to college applicants to help them through the process. Applying to graduate school is no simple task either, but depending on which graduate school you’re considering, the information is limited. For students interested in pursuing an MBA or […]

Are you concerned that your low undergrad GPA will keep you from getting into a grad school of your choice? Here are 3 things you can do about it.   1.Assess your GPA Is it really low? A low GPA can be defined as one that is .3 or more below your target school’s average […]

These days, everyone and everything has gone “social.” So why not look to the social sphere for advice about how to get into grad school? Below are my favorite social sites for finding information about the application process.  And in a true social fashion, you can post your questions and start your own threads as […]