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Where to Find Logic Games Floating Grouping Practice

Looking for more Floating Grouping practice in the Logic Games section?

Get a copy of Actual, Official PrepTests Volume V. There are a total of 11 Floating Grouping games that appear in that book, so you’ll have plenty of practice to get started. If you need more than that, purchase PrepTests 72-75 at the LSAC shop for an additional 7 Floating Grouping practice games.

Note: For Magooshers, you’ve got access to actual LSAC Logic Game questions—115 to be exact—through your online account. You can even sort by game type so you can easily focus your practice.

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Logic Games Floating Grouping practice -magoosh

As you may notice from the table, Floating Grouping games often have more difficult setups than Sequencing and Fixed Grouping games. I would recommend starting with the easy games and working your way up to the harder ones.

More importantly, don’t stress out if your first attempt to set the game up doesn’t work out. As you gain familiarity with this game type, you’ll improve at the setup stage. And besides, one point of LSAT prep is to learn how to react when things don’t go as planned. If you get it wrong the first time around, keep a log of exactly what didn’t work, and try the game a second time. Real learning happens when we make mistakes, not when we do everything perfectly over and over again.

Best of luck with your Floating Grouping practice! If you haven’t already checked out our online Logic Games lessons, give ‘em a try first so you can tackle the PrepTests with purpose. 🙂


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