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Author Archive | Travis Coleman

Magoosh’s LSAT Libraries

Each of Magoosh’s LSAT Libraries offers an extensive collection of posts about one of the different sections of the LSAT. The libraries include information on section structure, pacing, and strategy, as well as detailed descriptions of the question types you’ll find in each section. Additionally, you’ll find links to tables showing where you can find […]

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Magoosh’s LSAT Analytical Reasoning Library

Here you can find all of our posts related to the LSAT Analytical Reasoning section. Wondering how to tackle the different types of logic games? Scroll down to see posts relating to each of the most common game types that appear in the section. Just looking at LSAT Analytical Reasoning for the first time? Check […]

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How to Diagram Common LSAT Logic Games

Timing on the LSAT test is meant to be challenging, and nowhere is it more so than in the Logic Games (Analytical Reasoning) section. You have to complete four games in 35 minutes, which means that before you can even begin answering the 23 associated LSAT questions, you have to read each game, interpret the […]

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How to Use Magoosh’s Online LSAT Course

Magoosh’s online LSAT course includes video lessons, practice questions, and video explanations to some of the official LSAT PrepTests. It also provides students with access to our amazing, friendly, and talented team of online coaches that are here to answer any questions you have as you work through the course. Used in conjunction with books […]

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Taking the June 2016 LSAT? What You Need to Know

If you’ve been thinking about taking the June 2016 LSAT, now is the time to start taking that decision seriously. Registration deadlines are only about a month away, and it’s always a good idea to know whether you’ll be prepared for the exam before paying the money to register. So, here are the dates you […]

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What do Weaken Questions look like?

Weaken questions ask you to identify possible gaps between the evidence presented in a stimulus and the conclusion drawn, and then widen those gaps by adding new evidence. The answer choice will present a fact that makes it less likely for the conclusion to be accurate. However, it does not have to make it absolutely […]

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