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Best Law Schools in Georgia (2022 Rankings)

“Georgia,” the Peach State as it is often called, is home to some of the best law schools in the US. All the below law schools in Georgia are ABA-accredited and offer world-class curriculum. Here is a curated list of important statistics to help you make a decision on choosing law schools to apply to:

1. University of Georgia

The University of Georgia is ranked at 27th place, with an acceptance rate of 19.72%. The current class has a median GPA of 3.78 coupled with an average LSAT score of 164 and above. A fee of $50 is charged for submitting an admission application. The tuition fee is set at $19,894 for residents of the state and $38,652 for non-residents.

The University of Georgia offers joint degree programs such as JD/M.B.A and a JD/M.Ed in sports law, for those that want to pursue a career in sports law. UGA also strongly advocates for mental health and a stable work-life balance, and has a robust career services department that assists students with earning internships, judicial clerkships, and other forms of professional development in the Metropolitan Atlanta region.

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2. Emory University

Emory University comes in at 29th place, with an acceptance rate of 31%. The current class has a median GPA of 3.75 with an average LSAT score of 165. To learn more, check out the Emory University LSAT score ranges. The university charges $85 as an application fee and tuition is set at $60,626. Student to faculty ratio is below 7.2:1.

The rich background of Emory University in policy research and JD, JM, LL.M, MCL with joint degree option, make it a renowned university for academics. The university boasts of largely successful centers in child law, environment, comparative law, religion, and other areas. If you’re interested in numerous interdisciplinary offerings and an extensive course selection, Emory University is an excellent option.

3. Georgia State University

Georgia State University is ranked at 78th place by the U.S. News rankings 2022, with an acceptance rate of 29%. The current class has a median GPA of 3.52 and an average LSAT score of 158. An application fee of $50 is charged for the full-time program. The tuition fee is as low as $18,010 for residents of the state and $37,578 for non-residents.

Georgia State University offers multiple joint degree programs within their law school. With ample law centers and law journals such as GSU Law Review, GSU will be beneficial for those who prefer low tuition and yet want to receive a high-quality legal education.

4. Mercer University (George)

A U.S. News ranking of 124th and an acceptance rate of 44%. Mercer University law students have a median GPA of 3.4 coupled with an LSAT average score of 153. Its tuition fee is set at $40,268. MU has a student-to-teacher ratio of 10:1.

Mercer University boasts of rich faculty, both full-time and adjunct, who are themselves practicing law. Mercer Law School was honored with the Gambrell Professionalism Award by the American Bar Association.

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5. Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School

John Marshall Law School is ranked in the top 200 list. It has an acceptance rate of 38%. The median GPA is 2.95 and an average LSAT score of 150. Tuition is set at $23,468 per semester.

Established in 1993, the John Marshall Law School has a long history of working extensively to uplift the under-served sections of Georgia. Co-curricular activities in this college are a plus for students.

How to Choose From the Best Law Schools in Georgia

When it comes to the best law schools in Georgia, or anywhere across the US, LSAT score and median GPA are major deciding factors when choosing an institution to get your law degree from. An individual case-by-case analysis on parameters such as tuition, private or public university, full-time or part-time, placements, and other criteria will help you navigate making your decision.


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