3 Helpful LSAT Logic Games Strategies

Of all the sections on the LSAT, Analytical Reasoning, or “logic games,” tests a person’s ability to quickly move through problems. The better you are at mapping out the questions, the quicker you’ll be able to effectively answer the questions. Here are a few LSAT Logic Games strategies to help you cope with the tricky timing of this section.

Tip number 1: Draw Simple Diagrams

Nothing is worse than having a diagram with a ton of information on it. Not only can it get confusing, but a diagram with a ton of marks on it could become nearly impossible to navigate.

Also, as you learn to draw simple diagrams, you’ll be able to shave important seconds off of your diagramming time, which gives you more time to answer your questions.

That said, don’t obsess over simple diagrams to the point that your diagrams don’t mean anything anymore. Instead, familiarize yourself with the most effective diagram styles for each of the different game types, and let those do the work for you. For more on this, Magoosh’s online LSAT course has lessons on how to design an effective diagram for each game type.

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Tip number 2: Put your diagrams as close to the question as possible

This tip may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many test-takers use the biggest blank space possible for each question, even if that space is on a separate page from the questions.

The closer you put your diagrams to the questions, the easier it will be for you to refer to the diagram as you’re going through the possible answers. Better yet, draw your diagram right next to the question and label it with the question number so you don’t lose track of which diagram pertains to which question.

Once again, this will save you valuable time.

Tip number 3: Tackle the easiest games first

My last tip in this article has nothing to do with tackling an actual question. Experience shows that the logic games section is the most time consuming section on the exam.

So, the very first thing you need to do when you start the section, is to look at all of the games, and figure out which ones will be the easiest for you to do.

This will do at least two things for you. First, it should give you some needed confidence as you begin the section that will hopefully carry over to the other questions. Second, tackling the easiest games first will give you ample time to answer the questions you have the best chance at answering correctly.

This will lead to a higher score on your exam.

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