5 Ways to Conquer Your Weakest LSAT Section

We all have your favorites in life–favorite color, favorite movie, even a favorite LSAT section! But we all have our least favorites, too. And usually, your weakest section becomes your least favorite. Any section can give you trouble, whether it’s reading comprehension, logical reasoning, or the logic games. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way! You can overcome your weakest LSAT section. Here’s how!

Focus on What You Can Do on Your Weakest LSAT Section

With the time you do have, get as many questions right as possible. It’s important not to worry or stress over what you do get wrong. Worrying too much will negatively affect your mindset, and this will leak over to the other LSAT sections. Since this test depends a lot on your mental space, staying possible is critical!

Pace Yourself Appropriately

Pacing yourself is a crucial way to manage the little time you have on the LSAT. Basically, the number of questions you attempt depend on your target score. If you’re aiming for a 180, you’ll need to attempt every single question. But if your goal is more reasonable, like a 157 for example, you can aim to miss about 32 questions.

So, if your weakest LSAT section is the logic games, and there are about 23 questions, you can focus on fully completing 3 games out of 4 if you can expect that you won’t be able to answer all 23 questions successfully. This focus reduces the chance of getting many more questions wrong than you expected.

Pinpoint Your Missing Skills And/Or Strategies

There are many particular skills that contribute to doing well on the LSAT. These include knowing how to diagram different categories of indicator words, using the best game board for each logic game type, or knowing what type of answer to look for in certain question types.

Get the Lessons You Need

Try to notice the patterns in the questions you get wrong. If they mostly seem to involve diagramming unless/without indicator words, or they revolve around knowing the contrapositive, then you definitely want want to review those skills.

Magoosh LSAT provides lessons on each of these skills, so it’s a great idea to sign up ASAP!

Drill Baby, Drill!

Once you’ve identified the skills you need to improve, take some time everyday to improve them. Logic games are the easiest to repeat. You might consider printing several copies of a game that challenges you. Then, repeat that game until you get all questions correct, under a good time limit! The details of games are usually not easily remembered. And besides, the point is the structure, not the detail. (As in, who cares which pieces are involved in a sequencing game? The point is, it’s a sequencing game!)

If your weakest LSAT section is reading comprehension, you can try drilling yourself by reviewing difficult vocabulary words everyday.

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In the end, with these five tips, you’re well on your way to conquering your weakest LSAT section and reaching your top score!

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