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Where to Find Logic Games Hybrid Practice

If you’re looking for more Logic Games Hybrid practice, here’s a series of tables that list where to find the various types of Hybrid games that appear in recently released LSAT PrepTests.

Sequencing/Matching Hybrid practice

The first table shows you where to find games that are primarily Sequencing, but also involve a secondary Matching component. There is a fair amount of Hybrid practice material for this game type, especially if you purchase Actual, Official PrepTests Volume V.

Logic Games Sequencing Matching practice -magoosh

Sequencing/Matching Hybrid games are usually one of the easier types of Hybrids to set up. For more detail on how to approach this or any other type of Hybrid Logic Game, check out Magoosh’s online LSAT prep course.

Fixed Grouping/Sequencing Hybrid practice

The second table displays games that are primarily Fixed Grouping Logic Games, but that also require you to Sequence the elements you place in each group. This is another relatively common variety of Hybrid, so if you have Actual, Official Volume V, you’ll be in good shape.

Logic Games Fixed Grouping Sequencing practice -magoosh

Fixed Grouping/Sequencing Hybrids also tend to be one of the easier varieties to set up because you’ll know exactly how many variables need to be placed in each group. From there, you just need to figure out the order in which they appear in their groups.

Floating Grouping/Sequencing Hybrid practice

The third table tells you where to find games that require you to place variables in different groups and then sequence them, but they don’t tell you how many variables must be placed in each group. This is one of the more difficult varieties of Hybrid games to set up, but it’s also a less common type than the previous two games. In fact, it hasn’t appeared on an LSAT since 2010, though that doesn’t mean it couldn’t appear again any time. Best to be prepared!

Logic Games Floating Grouping Sequencing practice -magoosh

Sequencing/Grouping Hybrid practice

This last table shows the only recent example of a Sequencing/Grouping Hybrid game. This game type requires you to order a set of variables and then divide it into groups within that sequence. It’s a relatively easy variety of Hybrid, and it doesn’t appear often. If you’ve purchased Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests Volume V, you’ll get to try this Hybrid practice game yourself. Otherwise, check back soon for expanded tables for all of these Hybrid varieties. We’ll include the most recently released LSATs as well as older tests that appear in earlier volumes of the Actual, Official series.

Logic Games Sequencing Grouping practice -magoosh

Happy studying, folks! Don’t forget to get in touch if you have any questions about the test itself or how best to prepare for it. 🙂


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