Northeastern Admissions: The SAT, ACT Scores, and GPA You Need to Get In

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Today, we’ll look at how to get into Northeastern. We’ll take an especially close look at Northeastern SAT scores, Northeastern ACT scores, and Northeastern admissions criteria.

Northeastern: An Introduction

The Northeastern is ranked number 40 among national universities in the USA. This puts it in roughly the top 1% of all schools nationwide.

As any college counselor will tell you, work experience is super important, and Northeastern is currently ranked as the number one “Best School for Internships” by the Princeton Review.

Northeastern prides itself on its cooperative education program (commonly known as “co-op”) that integrates classroom study with professional experience, placing students at internships with 3,100 partners across all seven continents!

In addition to the co-op program, Northeastern has a very developed study abroad program, sending undergrads to over 170 universities and colleges across the globe. Pretty cool!

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So how do you get in on the great education the Northeastern has to offer? Let’s take a quick look at the school’s stats:

  • Northeastern freshman acceptance rate: 19%
  • Northeastern GPA: 4.3 (average)
  • Northeastern SAT scores: 1360-1540 (middle 50%)
  • Northeastern ACT scores: 32-34 (middle 50%)
  • Those are the bare bones statistics, but keep reading for a closer look at how to get into Northeastern. We’ll explore the finer points of Northeastern SAT scores, Northeastern ACT scores, and other aspects of how to get into Northeastern.

    How to Get Into Northeastern: Northeastern SAT Scores

    As you saw above, the basic expectation for Northeastern SAT scores is the 1360-1540 on the new SAT. However, Northeastern also shares the scores of its admitted students in far greater detail than that. Check out the table below:

    Table 1: Northeastern SAT Scores (middle 50% of accepted students)

    Type of SAT ScoreSAT (whole test)SAT (Writing/Evidence-Based Reading)SAT (Math)
    Score Range (middle 50%)1360-1540670-750690-790

    This table shows the middle 50% SAT score range of accepted students…what does that mean for you? Well, here at Magoosh we strongly recommend aiming for the 75th percentile of the score range of the school you’re trying to get into.

    This means that the second number in each of these ranges should be your Northeastern goal score (though you probably won’t be taking the old SAT, huh). So, to give yourself the best chance at admission to Northeastern, you should organize your SAT prep with a goal score of 750 in EBWR and 790 in Math! For some tips on how to get there, check out our post on perfect SAT score stories!

    Also be sure to get in some good-quality SAT practice. Official SAT practice from the College Board is a must. Magoosh offers excellent supplemental practice to the official stuff, so be sure to also check out Magoosh’s free SAT practice test. A subscription to Magoosh SAT may also be a great help to you as you work toward a Northeastern eligible SAT score.

    If you’re afraid that you won’t be able to meet this very high middle standard, don’t be. You can have scores anywhere in this range–even below it–still get accepted. Remember that Northeastern has no hard and fast rules about minimum SAT scores. Just shoot for the 75th percentile, and do your best not to go under the 25th!

    How to Get Into Northeastern: Northeastern ACT Scores

    As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the middle 50% of students accepted Northeastern scored between 32 and 34 on the ACT.

    However, the Northeastern admissions website also offers more details on ACT scores, posting the score distribution of it’s admitted students:

    Table 2: Northeastern ACT Score Breakdown (Percentiles)

    Let’s take a closer look at this score breakdown:

    Type of ACT ScoreACT CompositeACT EnglishACT Math
    Score Range (middle 50%)32-3433-3529-34

    As you can see, almost all Northeastern’s admitted students scored a 32 or above on the ACT. Following the same procedure as we did with the SAT, you should set your goal score at 34 (the 75th percentile) and make sure not to go under a 32 (the 25th percentile).

    And remember when it comes to practice materials, official materials plus Magoosh ACT materials equals success. The ACT lists and links to all of its official prep here. And you can supplement that with some great material from Magoosh. Make sure you use our free ACT practice test with answers and explanations (PDF download). And consider a Magoosh ACT subscription to round out your practice materials.

    How to Get Into Northeastern: What You Should Know about the Northeastern Acceptance Rate

    The Northeastern’s acceptance rate, as mentioned above, is 19% for freshman applicants. But who are these people? Let’s find out more about Northeastern’s incoming freshman class by taking a look at their most recent freshman profile.

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    Northeastern Freshman Profile

    So what does a typical Northeastern freshman look like? What are the students like as people, and will you fit in? Read on to get a food look at the Northeastern freshman profile.

    Total applicants62,272
    Total admitted students11,832
    Total enrolling freshman2,746
    Admissions Rate19%
    International Students20%
    African American6%

    How to Get Into Northeastern: A Closer Look at Northeastern GPA

    While Northeastern doesn’t officially report the GPAs of its admitted students, we have determined that the average high school GPA of a freshman at Northeastern is 4.3 (based on data reported from more than 1,000 high schools).

    High school GPAs can be a bit mysterious. Almost all schools use a weighted GPA out of 4.0, but high schools that offer AP and IB classes will add an extra grade point in those courses.

    So to be averaging a 4.3 you’d have to either be getting straight A’s in every regular class, plus doing well in a few AP and IB classes, especially if you need to even out that pesky B you got in Advanced Algebra sophomore year!

    To calculate your GPA for your current school work, use Magoosh’s “How to Calculate Your GPA” guide.

    How to Get Into Northeastern: FAQ

    We’ve covered a lot of ground today…but getting into college is a long and confusing process, and we understand that it’s more than just numbers.

    So here is a roundup of other frequently asked questions about how to get into Northeastern.

    How do I apply for financial aid?

    Depending on whether you’re apply Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision, or as a transfer, the financial aid deadline dates and requirements may vary.

    Lucky for you, Northeastern’s Student Financial Services has created an application checklist for each type of student, which you can find here.

    Can I send Northeastern an art portfolio??

    Portfolios are only required for a two Northeaster’s programs: the Music Composition and Technology program and the Department of Art + Design.

    However, majors within the College of Arts, Media and Design are encouraged to submit portfolios, though—which can be done online using SlideRoom.

    Additionally, all portfolio submissions will be considered for the Creative Leaders program (which is for Northeastern undergraduates who show exceptional talent in communications and the arts).

    When will Northeastern Admissions decisions be released?

    You’ll hear back from Northeastern depending on how you applied:

    • Early Decision applicants will receive a decision online by December 15.
    • Early Action applicants will receive a decision online by December 30.
    • Regular Decision applicants will receive a decision online by April 1.

    What is Northeastern tuition?

    For the 2018-2019 academic year, the cost of tuition (and fees) at Northeastern is $49,497.

    Add room and board for $16,240 and books and supplies for $1,000, and you’re looking at a total cost of attendance of $68,537 for one year at Northeastern.

    So you better start filing that FAFSA!

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    How to Get Into Northeastern: The Takeaway

    The Northeastern is a great university with many great programs. And while the expectations for Northeastern SAT scores and Northeastern ACT scores are high, a strong overall application will trump any individual scores.

    Still, you should make sure to aim for the highest SAT scores, ACT scores and GPA that you can. That way, you will have a nice cushion going into the admissions process–and your scores might even be the thing that pushes your application over the edge!

    Improve your SAT or ACT score, guaranteed. Start your 1 Week Free Trial of Magoosh SAT Prep or your 1 Week Free Trial of Magoosh ACT Prep today!

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