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ACT Study Schedules: 3 Most Popular Plans

Whether you’re giving yourself a week, a month, or a year to prep for the ACT exam, it always helps to add some structure to your ACT study plan. Using a study schedule can help you stay motivated and hold you accountable, even on days when you’d rather not study for the ACT (yes, you’ll probably have many days like this, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great ACT score!).

With this in mind, we created some study plans to help you ace your ACT prep.

Happy Studying, Magooshers! 🙂

3 Most Popular Magoosh ACT Study Plans

One Month ACT Study Schedule from Magoosh

One-Month Daily Schedule
[printable version]

You’ve given yourself enough study time to see an improvement in your ACT score, but you’re going to need to be pretty diligent over the next month. Are you worried about getting overwhelmed with studying and want lots of specific help? This study guide will give you a step-by-step plan with daily instructions to improve your ACT score and keep you focused and motivated!

Have you been too busy lately to put in the time for ACT prep? If you can devote just 20 minutes a day of studying for five consecutive days, our ACT Streaks schedule might be right for you! This one-month schedule is designed to help you study in short, repeated bursts, rather than long, extended hours.

Two Month ACT Study Schedule from Magoosh

Two-Month Daily Schedule
[printable version]

This study guide will give you specific, daily instructions to follow over the next two months. The focus will be getting your ACT practice up to speed slowly and building up your skills. This study guide is perfect for those who want to take their time studying for the ACT and start with the basics.

Three Month ACT Study Schedule from Magoosh (1)

Three-Month Daily Schedule
[printable version]

You’ve made time over the next 90 days, but you don’t want to waste it navigating endless ACT material. This study guide will provide a clear path forward for you. Good job thinking ahead and getting started now! Life does tend to throw unexpected stuff at us, so taking three months to study leaves room for breaks.

Cramming for the ACT? Try our One Week Plan

one week act study plan from Magoosh

If you’re cramming for the ACT test, you should try this abbreviated one-week study plan. This study schedule comes with three options to choose from:

  • 1 Week ACT Study Schedule for Newbies
  • 1 Week ACT Study Schedule for Quick ACT Score Improvement
  • 1 Week ACT Study Schedule for a Last-Minute ACT Refresher
    • *BONUS: 1 Day ACT Refresher


What Do the ACT Study Plans Include?

The plans include day-by-day steps for exactly which ACT lessons you should study, which ACT practice questions to try, and when it’s time to take a practice test. All of this preparation will help make sure you’re ready to take the real ACT!

The plans also include recommended materials (such as our free ACT Practice Test) as well as steps for each stage of your prep. We also have tips for making the most of your ACT study schedule.

Please note that all of our Study Schedules require Magoosh ACT Prep. If you have any questions about purchasing a plan, please email us at for more information!

And be sure to let us know if you need help adapting a study schedule to your individual needs. Just leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to help you out.

BONUS: Magoosh ACT Study Guide*

*Includes Test-specific Study Guides

act study guide

The Magoosh ACT Study Guide is like our One Month ACT Study Schedule on steroids. In it, you’ll find:

  • The Magoosh ACT Prep eBook (Printable PDF)
  • One Month Study Calendar (Printable PDF)
  • One Month Schedule Weekly Checkpoints (Printable PDF)
  • ACT Math Study Guide
  • ACT Reading Study Guide
  • ACT Science Study Guide
  • ACT Writing (Essay) Study Guide
  • Study Guide Resources