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GRE Student Post: “Concentrate deeply and honestly on your mistakes”

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Say hello to Ricardo, a Brazil native who did yoga and meditation before test day to calm his nerves! Read on about his experience with the GRE. 🙂

About Me: I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and have lived here all my life. In the meantime I have spent 6 months at Oberlin (Ohio) and one year in Paris as an exchange student at Sciences Po. My undergraduate studies were in Economics, at PUC-Rio. Now I’m finishing my Masters, where I did mostly graduate-level courses in Economics, with lots of math, proofs, and all that. And my plans for graduate school are to be accepted by the best possible Economics departments in the US and Europe. I also plan on taking courses in Psychology and Neuroscience since I enjoy learning about and studying the human mind. As for hobbies, I cycle, play guitar, garden and write non-fiction.

Biggest Challenge: The most difficult concept was probably the vocabulary in the Verbal section. The word list was basically infinite, and you just had to memorize all of them. I tried to make use of mnemonics techniques, which helped a lot.

Helpful Tips for Others: You just have to concentrate deeply and honestly on your mistakes until you eliminate all of them, one by one. Getting an exercise wrong because of carelessness is a misconception. There is always an error pattern behind each mistake, and your job is to incessantly hunt it. And, of course, you have to practice a lot with exercises and tests. As for test day, try to keep yourself relaxed. I did yoga and meditation the day before, which worked out great.

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