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GRE Student Post: Keep Track of Your Mistakes

It’s really important to learn from your mistakes when you’re studying for the GRE (or any test, for that matter!). Today, Lynsay has some great tips to help you improve on your weakest subjects. Thanks, Lynsay! 🙂

About me: My name is Lynsay and I’m from Central New York. I received a B.S. in Psychology from SUNY Fredonia. I’m hoping to get into a Ph.D program in Counseling Psychology or a M.A. program in Mental Health Counseling for the coming academic year.

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My greatest challenge: I found the Quantitative section the most challenging. When I was first trying to figure out how to tackle the GRE, studying math from the ETS book was impossible for me. I did horribly on practice questions and it did not make much progress with this strategy. After purchasing Magoosh, to improve on my math I watched all of the math videos and completed all of quizzes. I finished the remaining math questions by completing twenty math questions a day. I also recorded my progress in a journal in detail (# correct, # easy/medium/hard/very hard correct) for both verbal and math practice so I could see my improvement and see what kind of problems I needed to spend more time with. I also watched corresponding video lessons for the questions I missed. After finishing all of the math problems I practiced with the questions that I had gotten wrong or had previously flagged. This strategy helped me immensely and Magoosh’s wealth of resources made this approach possible.

My advice: Do not get discouraged when studying. I felt discouraged at first when I kept getting wrong answers on the practice problems. However, I realized this was the best place to make mistakes and each incorrect answer was a learning opportunity that would help prepare me for the actual test. In addition, I found recording my progress in detail for practice problem sessions and practice tests to be very helpful to avoid discouragement.


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