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GMAT Sentence Correction Practice Questions

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I’ve written quite a few posts here featuring Sentence Correction questions. The following is a compilation of Sentence Correction posts, each with a couple of practice questions.  These are organized by important Sentence Correction topic.  The sample questions often appear at the head of the article, although some appear further down in the text.  The solutions & explanations to the sample questions are given at the end of each respective blog article. Once you feel confident in your skills in all areas, head over to our free GMAT practice test to test your overall understanding of GMAT concepts.

GMAT Sentence Correction: Information and Practice Questions

On the GMAT, Sentence Correction is a type of question in GMAT Verbal. GMAT Sentence Correction questions test your knowledge of grammar, style, and overall sentence structure in written English. There are usually 14 or 15 Sentence Correction questions in the GMAT Verbal section. Sentence Correction practice is a very important part of GMAT Verbal success.

GMAT Sentence Correction sample question

Like vs. As


The Progressive Tenses of Verbs


Noun Clauses (i.e. Substantive Clauses)


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Gerunds & gerund phrases


Verbs that require infinitives


“That/” clauses for beliefs & ideas


The ___-er they X, the _________-er they Y


Auxiliary Verbs and Number


Noun vs. Verb splits


and here are a few more GMAT Sentence Correction sample questions from inside the Magoosh product.

1) https://gmat.magoosh.com/questions/3266

2) https://gmat.magoosh.com/questions/3219

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3) https://gmat.magoosh.com/questions/3238


As you can see, there are certainly patterns you see when dealing with facing GMAT Sentence Correction. Sample questions, I feel, are some of the most useful means to help you succeed in this section.

We all know GMAT grammar is a challenge. What are some tools you like to use to help you do well on GMAT Sentence Correction problems?


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