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Admission Tips: Countering a Low Verbal Score

MBA applicants know too well the pain of receiving a lousy verbal GMAT score. It can feel like the end of your career before you’ve even started, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Since b-school students are expected to have excellent communications skills, it’s not easy, but it is also not impossible to get accepted even with a low verbal GMAT score.

Here are three simple ways to show the adcoms that your scores are not showing the full picture, and that you’re still a competitive candidate worthy of that golden acceptance.

1. Counter low scores with high scores

The easiest way to prove a single score wrong is by having other grades that tell a different story. Consider taking additional classes that will highlight your strong verbal/communication skills. Take communications classes at a local college, participate in a local debate club, take a public speaking course – and then, of course, get straight A’s or rave reviews in all of them! – to balance out the poor verbal score.

This is a good tip for anyone who scored low on their GMAT, but is even more important if you already have poor English grades on your transcript.

2. Wow them with your winning essay-writing abilities

Another proven way to counter a poor verbal GMAT score is to illustrate that you can actually write eloquently and persuasively. Construct a flawless application essay, complete with examples, details, and stories that will adequately convey how well you handle your communications skills. Bringing Including real life examples of your abilities will speak much more strongly for your skills than just another well-written essay.

3. Get others to put in a good word

Speak to each one of the people you’ve asked to write a recommendation for you, and ask them to highlight some of your stronger verbal or communications skills. Once again, bringing in actual examples of instances or areas that you have developed and utilized these skills will help to build the argument even more.

The GMAT is just one element in a grander picture, so make sure the adcoms are seeing the wider view of your capabilities by using some of these useful tips when you apply to b-school. For more advice, view our on-demand webinar, Get Accepted to B-School with Low Stats.

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