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GMATPrep for Macs?

Update: It looks like GMATPrep heard your pleas! New, Mac-accessible GMATPrep to be released in April 2012.

Why you should use GMATPrep

The single most important thing you can do shortly before you take the actual GMAT is to take an online practice test.

Apart from sitting in one spot for 3+ hours, you will be able to gauge how you react to the process of taking a timed test. Does the timer blow your mind, make you fidget like a nervous prom date, or sweat as though you’re being interrogated by the KGB? Whichever one, it is better not to find out when you are in the testing center.

Of course, you can glean valuable other lessons as well. Learning you need to double check your work on medium-level math problems is an insight that can gain you major points test day. Indeed, countless epiphanies await. You might even avoid leaving the real test wondering if you should retake the GMAT. That’s a win.


What do I get with GMATPrep?

Essentially, you get two practice tests. However, both tests draw from a pretty vast question bank, so you can take each test a couple of times and perhaps only see a couple of repeats. I tell students that as long as they space the tests by a week, the redundant questions shouldn’t make too much difference. Effectively, you are getting four practice tests.

Of course, you can take Practice Test#1 six times and not see every question but you will probably recognize most of the questions by then. So after taking either Practice Test #1 or 2 twice, any retakes will not accurately reflect your score test day.

Most importantly, after taking a GMAC practice test, you receive a GMAT score (from 200 – 800) that is said to correlate very strongly with your score test day.


Where can I find the test?

The GMAT test is available at

If you have a PC, then simply download it and voila! You have your very own GMAT test in the comfort of your home.


I don’t have a PC. Does it work on Macs?

No. Unfortunately, the test is not Mac compatible. Nor, for that matter, does GMAC—the creators of the test—have any plans to make the test Mac friendly. Alas. Ask a PC friend, head to the library– anything you have to do get your hands on that software because it really is the best and most accurate practice you can get, straight from the source! The questions are great, but they don’t offer much in terms of explanations strategies, which is why…


What else can I do to prep?

What if there was a product that offered the same sweat-inducing timer and a computer-based testing environment. Better yet, what if that product provided a video and text explanation for every question you missed, and linked you back to lesson videos to help you in any area you were struggling? Well, look no further than Magoosh GMAT.


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