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TOEFL Teaching Material – Transitions And Opinions Worksheet

For this worksheet, I’m going to follow up on some of the same language that was used in my previous post: transition words. But this time, we’ll throw another layer into the mix. Besides some transition words, there’s also a good deal of opinion language.

The worksheet is structured around the TOEFL’s second speaking task, which asks students to name their preference from between two options and then explain their choice.

There are three parts to the worksheet, three activities to do. The first may be done alone or in pairs, while the second task is better as a solo writing activity.

The third part of the worksheet isn’t explicitly described in the directions, but it should be your instinct with any TOEFL material that includes a test-like open-ended question: have the students answer the question themselves, using a timer, as if it were the real test. This is best done in pairs, if possible.

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Download This Worksheet

This worksheet is available for download in both US letter and A4 formats. Pick the version that’s easier for you to print!

The instructions below are included as the first page of the pdf. (NOTE: This worksheet refers to the transitions as belonging to “Speaking Task 2.” This reflects the old, pre-2019 version of the TOEFL. The transitions listed in the worksheet match up to TOEFL Speaking Task 1 in the current version of the exam.)


Part A

The answers to the blanks above are provided in the box, along with ten other incorrect words. Check your answers and find the best match to each blank.

Part B

After each sentence, write a paraphrase using your own words. Try to keep the main point of the sentence, and include words and phrases that show opinion and transition.

Part C (Not explicitly written on worksheet)

Have students, in pairs, answer the prompt at the top of the page using their own ideas. Remember that speaking task 2 allows 15 seconds to prepare and 45 seconds to speak. 


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