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Unofficial Audio for TOEFL Quick Prep Vol. 1 and TOEFL Quick Prep Vol. 2

(NOTE: TOEFL Quick Prep is slightly outdated, reflecting the old format of the practice tests. See Magoosh’s guide to using older TOEFL prep materials. And be sure to check out ETS’s recently updated free TOEFL practice: the official TOEFL practice test, and the official TOEFL practice sets.)

Here at Magoosh, we love ETS’s TOEFL Quick Prep. Unfortunately, the practice sets for Volumes 1 and 2 haven’t had any audio…. until now!

The Magoosh TOEFL Blog is pleased to bring you its own (unofficial) audio tracks for the lectures in TOEFL Quick Prep Volume 1 and Quick Prep Volume 2– two TOEFL Listening lectures, a TOEFL Speaking Task 4 lecture, a TOEFL Speaking Task 3 lecture, and a lecture from that volume’s TOEFL Integrated Writing Task.

TOEFL Quick Prep Volume 1 Listening Lecture: Magoosh Audio

This is a track of the TOEFL lecture transcript and on pages 13-15  of TOEFL Quick Prep Volume 1. Listen to it and answer the 6 questions that appear on pages 15 and 16. This allows you to practice an entire official TOEFL Listening question set, complete with audio.


Practice for your TOEFL exam with Magoosh.

Quick Prep Volume 1 Lecture for TOEFL Speaking Task 6: Magoosh Audio

This recorded TOEFL lecture is based on the TOEFL Integrated Speaking Task that appears on page 25 of the ETS’s first official Quick Prep volume. Read the instructions, listen to the track, and complete the official ETS TOEFL Speaking Task.


Quick Prep Volume 1 Lecture for TOEFL Integrated Writing: Magoosh Audio

This audio lecture goes with the Integrated Writing Task on pages 27 and 28 of TOEFL Quick Prep Volume 1. Be sure to read the passage on page 27 before you listen to this lecture– the Integrated Writing lecture always responds to the Integrated Writing Passage. Then, complete the the official TOEFL Writing essay prompt on page 28.

TOEFL Quick Prep Volume 2 Listening Lecture Audio

Click below to open the audio in a new window:
TOEFL Quick Prep Volume 2 unofficial audio

TOEFL Quick Prep Volume 2 Speaking Task 3 Lecture Audio

Again, the audio will open in a new window:
TOEFL Quick Prep Volume 2 unofficial audio

Study Guides for These TOEFL Lectures

In addition to the audio itself, Magoosh has also created study guides for these two TOEFL Quick Prep prompts. Check out these two posts:

(NOTE: The actual TOEFL Quick Prep PDFs are slightly out of date, so that the numbering on the Speaking tasks does not line up with that of the test.)



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