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Follow Up Email After Meeting: Best Practices

In the competitive world of business, sometimes the small things are what win the day. Sending a follow up email after meeting with a client is one of those small things that can lead to something larger. The simple courtesy of saying “thank you” to a client or potential client will put you in a great professional light.

When writing your follow up email after meeting, be short and concise. However, you should also include some basic components to make the email effective.

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Say Thank You

Start off your email with a simple “thank you.” Reference any particulars that you are thankful for, like if the client bought you lunch. At the very least, thank the client for taking the time to meet with you.

Find Common Ground

Mention some commonalities between you and the client in your email. It could be that you found out you share a love of sailing or are from the same area of the country. Anything that will make the client feel like he or she is a kindred spirit.

Share What You Learned

Let the client know what you learned in the meeting. This is best done simply by summarizing what you talked about. Be sure to bring up any areas where the client may have an issue or problem that you could solve. And lastly, include any major takeaways that you learned from the meeting.

Reiterate Any Commitments

If you or your client made a commitment to do something as a result of the meeting, reiterate that commitment. This can be any action that one or both of you had agreed to take, like requesting some documents from the other party.

Add a Professional Closing

Write a nice, professional closing to your email. Be sure to include specifics if you agreed to meet again on a certain date. Be sure to also say “thank you” one more time. Your signature line should remain professional, with something like “Best regards” and not something like “Talk to ya later!”

Timely Tips for Sending a Follow Up Email After Meeting

If you are one of those people who are forgetful and routinely forget to send courtesy emails, you might try one of these tips.

  • If you are a calendar junkie, then schedule the follow up email at the same time as you schedule your meeting. This way, it’s right there on the sacred calendar begging to be checked off. The same applies if you are “to-do list” aficionado.
  • Start a quick rough draft of the email before you go to the meeting. That way, you already have the email staring at you from the drafts folder when you return from the meeting. All you have to do is supply some details and send.

We hope these best practices will serve you well next time you need to send a follow up email after meeting. Be sure to check out some of our other professional writing blogs and video lessons, with tips to improve your business email writing, how to write an email that gets a response, and your guide to professional email etiquette.

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