What comes after the NCLEX RN

You did it. You finished your exam and you are walking out the door. What comes next? Hopefully you are rewarding yourself with some relaxation after all of your hard work studying. You have definitely earned a break. Now comes the wait to find out if you have passed or not.


Finding out your score

Thankfully many states offer Quick Results as a way to look up your NCLEX score 48 hours after taking the exam. This is an unofficial result but at least it will give you peace of mind to know that you have passed the exam. You will have to pay a small fee  to get early access but it is completely worth it. If you sadly do not live in a state that has access to Quick Results you will have to wait six weeks for the Board of Nursing to send you a letter telling you that you passed. You will receive these official results no matter what state that you live in. For future nurses that will only receive a letter and cannot access results online the wait can be long and painful. Try not to think too hard about it and stress out.


You are an RN


Once your scores are official they will be published on your state’s Board of Nursing website and you can legally practice as a nurse in your state. You can now begin the fun and exciting job hunt. Many new nurses already have a clear idea of what type of nurse they want to be and where they want to work. It is important to remember that getting that first job as a new RN might not be your ideal job but it is an important step in getting the experience that you need. Some hospitals have special programs for new grads to help them make the transition from student to nurse. No matter where you land for your first job you will have a lengthy orientation process. This will give you time to learn how to be a nurse in a professional setting. You will learn to fine tune the skills that you learned in nursing school but will still have some support while you are learning.


Working as an RN

Being a nurse can be both a rewarding job as well as stressful. You have already worked hard to get through nursing school and pass your NCLEX. Being a new nurse will definitely challenge you but try to remember why you choose to become a nurse. It will take a while before you feel comfortable in your new role as a nurse and that is OK. Every nurse has been new and can still remember how hard it was in the beginning. It will get easier but it will never be an easy job. Remember that if you can survive nursing school you can survive anything.