Test Day for the NCLEX-RN: What Do You Need to Bring?

Test day for the NCLEX-RN has finally arrived! The anxiety and excitement have you all worked up and you can’t wait to get to the testing center and pass this exam. But wait, hold on just a minute. There are some things you need to bring with you to the testing center. Before you pack your bag with everything imaginable, read on for what you need to bring and what should stay behind.


Before you can even make into the testing room, you must present the proper identification at the testing center. You will need a government-issued identification that includes your name, a recent photograph, and your signature.  The ID must be valid and not expired.  Some examples include a driver’s license or passport.  For all of the ID requirements be sure to visit the National Council of State Boards of Nursing’s acceptable ID page. You are no longer required to bring your Authorization to Test with you to the testing center but your ID must match the name you used when registering for the exam.

Personal Items

Keeping in mind what you can and can’t have at the testing center should help you with what you should bring with you on test day for the NCLEX-RN. All personal items must be stored in the provided locker at the test center.  This means that all cell phones, watches, coats, bags, and even your fitness tracker must be stored. However, there are things that, while not allowed in the testing room, can be accessed on breaks. While on break, you can access your purse or bag, non-smart watch, wallet, and food or drink. Visit the NCLEX-RN Exam Rules for more information.

I suggest bringing a portable, healthy snack and a water bottle for break time so you have a pick-me-up if you need it and dress in layers so you can be comfortable while testing. Any test preparation materials are strictly prohibited from being accessed at any time during the exam, even on breaks. Go ahead and leave those books behind. And while you are at it, go ahead and leave any valuables at home too! No need to be worried about your stuff while you are trying to take your exam.


This one is critical! Don’t leave home without it. You have worked very hard to make it to test day for the NCLEX-RN. Don’t let your nerves get the best of you. You are ready! Take that confidence into the test with you and crush it! You are well on your way to passing the NCLEX-RN and launching your career as a nurse. Best of luck!