Last Minute NCLEX RN tips

You have been studying hard for the NCLEX RN and the day of your exam has finally arrived. You have graduated from nursing school and you are ready to officially become and RN but first you have to pass the NCLEX RN. Exam day is definitely exciting but it also comes with anxiety. Your mind is ready to take the exam now your body needs to be ready too. Here are some last minute NCLEX RN tips to help you succeed on test day.

Dress appropriately

Obviously there is no dress code for taking a test but you should think about how the environment could affect your test taking abilities. If you are too cold or too hot in the exam room then it could be distracting. I would recommend dressing in layers and taking into consideration heating systems that might be blasting hot air as well as air conditioners that are far too cold. If you are prepared for all temperatures and are comfortable in the room then you will be better able to concentrate on the more important things like answering questions.

Eat before your exam

While you might be full of anxiety and not have much of an appetite it is a good idea to make sure you have had something to eat before the exam. Your body will work much better on a full stomach than an empty stomach. You also do not want to be distracted by your own stomach grumbling throughout the exam. You can also bring snacks with you that can be eaten during a break in taking the test. Snacks along with personal items are kept in a locker while you are taking the exam.

What to bring on test day

It is extremely important that you remember to bring ID such as a passport or state license with a picture with you on test day. You also must bring your ATT number which is your authorization to take the test. Without these two items you will not be taking the NCLEX RN. Snacks to be eaten during a break period along with personal items such as phone and a wallet are kept in a locker while you are taking the exam. Do not bring any test materials to the testing center. You will only have access to the items in the locker during a scheduled break and at the end of the test.


Easier said than done I realize but if you can find ways to relax before you take your exam it will help put you in a better mindset. The night before the exam instead of studying find a relaxing and distracting activity like watching a movie or reading a book. Do not try and stay up the night before your exam cramming. Even if you cannot sleep rest your body.

Remember if you don’t pass on your first attempt it is not the end of the world. You might be devastated at first but remember it is only an exam. You have done the hard part already and passed nursing school, you will pass the NCLEX RN. Many people need to take the NCLEX RN several times before passing. Don’t be hard on yourself; you can and you will pass.