What You Should Do If You Hate Nursing School

Second-guessing why you’re in nursing school? Would you even say that you hate it? If so, check out the following steps to deal with nursing school and rediscover why you wanted to be a nurse in the first place!

Identify why you hate nursing school

First, identify the exact cause of your unhappiness. Are you struggling with the academics, the schedule, the stress, the clinical rotations, your peers, or your professors? Identifying the reasons for why you hate nursing school will guide you in taking steps to make your experience better.

Struggling with Nursing Courses

Not everyone excels in every course. Take a deep breath and relax. You do not need to stress about getting straight As, but you do need to focus and pass the course. Consider working with other students in small study groups, seek out a tutor, or ask the professor for additional assistance. Where there is a will, there is a way to achieve your goal.

hate nursing school stressed student

Do you hate nursing school because of struggles with fellow students and/or professors?

You will not like everyone you meet, but you must learn to work collaboratively with them to succeed in the healthcare field. Use these opportunities to enhance your communication and interpersonal skills. Always think before you speak and be aware of your nonverbal cues. Also, consider how you are being perceived by others, it is easier to blame others, but sometimes, adjusting your own attitude is key. Mastering these skills will help you be successful throughout your entire career.

Improve time management

Nursing school is very demanding and learning to manage your time and priorities is essential. Evaluate your other responsibilities, such as work, family, and your personal life, and see if you can adjust your priorities or ask friends or family for assistance. Managing your responsibilities directly correlates with your stress level, which will impact your success. If you are constantly on the run and stressed out, it will be very difficult to stay focused and learn the required materials. Decreasing your stress may allow you to have a more positive experience.

hate nursing school Time Management

Managing clinical rotations

Clinical rotations can be very stressful if you feel unprepared, are not feeling welcomed or valued by the staff, or dislike the patient population. As a student nurse, you will rotate through many different areas, and while you may really enjoy some, you make really dislike others. Try to remain positive and learn something in each area that will enhance your overall abilities as a nurse. Communicate with your professors to get the most out of each rotation.

For example, I was not at all interested in maternity. However, I worked with my professor and was able to spend additional time in the nursery and rotated for a day to the neonatal intensive care unit. I still had to learn about maternity and care for the mothers, but I was able to spend more of my time in areas that would have a greater impact on my future. Also, remember that many nurses practice in different settings and if bedside nursing is not for you, there are numerous other opportunities, such as research, nursing informatics,  home care, and clinic settings. Be patient and talk to other nurses and your professors to help you identify where you might best fit into the nursing field.

What to do when you still hate nursing school

If you are still truly unhappy after considering all of the above, you should consider meeting with your academic adviser, a trusted professor, or the program director to discuss if nursing is the right option for you. While many students face struggles at some point during nursing school, you should still have positive feelings about reaching your goal of becoming a nurse.