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The MCAT offers a variety of accommodations. The following summarizes information that can be found here: MCAT Exam with Accommodations. To apply for accommodations on the MCAT, follow these steps!

What should I do before applying for MCAT accommodations?

  • Create an AAMC ID (if you have not already done so).
  • Understand how the review process works.
  • Review pertinent review cycles, deadlines, and dates.
  • Understand all necessary application steps.
  • Identify application requirements associated with your condition.

How do I submit my application for MCAT accommodations?

First submit your initial application, which can be reviewed here: Applying for Accommodations. Also be sure to review the Understanding the Review Process document.

  1. Complete the Profile, Condition, and History sections in MCAT Accommodations Online (MAO).
  2. Next you’ll need a personal statement, which is a narrative that explains your own perspective about your particular needs.
  3. A comprehensive evaluation. This step is a little tricky. Here are links for specific classes of possible reasons for accommodations:
    1. Evaluation Requirements Learning Disabilities, ADHD, & Psychiatric Disabilities
    2. Evaluation Requirements Physical Disabilities
    3. Evaluation Requirements Sensory Disabilities
    4. Evaluation Requirements Diabetes
    5. Evaluation Requirements Acquired Brain Injury*
      *For our purposes, ABI includes any type of insult or injury to your brain, e.g., concussion, traumatic brain injury, cognitive changes due to illness, etc.
  4. You’ll need academic and medical documentation. There is a table suggesting different sorts of evidence for different conditions on the Applying for Accommodations page.

Finally, there are several requirements, including:

  • Applications must be in English.
  • Keep a copy because AAMC will not return materials.
  • Submit all of your materials at once.
  • You must upload your materials to the MAO system or mail it to the office.
  • Communication must be made formally, not by phone or email.

What happens after I apply for the MCAT with accommodations?

Once you’ve received your determination, there are several possible outcomes. You might be approved, asked for more materials because your application is incomplete, or denied. In this case, you can add information for a Reconsideration, or request a reveal without new information, which is called an Appeal. You can review all of the specifics for this stage here: After You Have Received an Initial Determination.

Make sure to allow 60 days for initial review, and 30 days more for Reconsiderations, Appeals, and Extensions. You must be approved for accommodations by the Silver Zone Deadline for your test date.

The 2019 deadlines and specifics can be found here: The MCAT Essentials for Testing Year 2019. For test dates after 2019, visit the AAMC website to review the exact deadlines and test dates.

How do I register for the MCAT exam?

Finally, here are the instructions for registration. Keep in mind that for accommodations you will most likely need to register by phone.

  • Register for an MCAT exam through the MCAT Registration System. (Check out our post on MCAT test dates for important dates and additional registration tips.)
  • Complete the Personal Info, Biographic Info, Background, Consents, and Use of Personal Info sections of the exam registration process. You will be prompted to schedule an exam.
  • To schedule an exam with accommodations, further action is required.

Contact Info

1-800-466-0450 Monday through Friday
7:00 am-7:00 pm CST (excluding holidays)

Note: Pearson VUE is not involved in the application review process and cannot provide any information regarding your application status and/or determination. Those questions should be directed to

Cancellations and Rescheduling

If your scheduled appointment has confirmed accommodations associated with it, cancellations or any changes to your appointment must be handled over the phone by a Pearson VUE representative and are subject to all standard MCAT scheduling deadlines and fees. If you wish to change your appointment, please contact Pearson VUE at 1-800-466-0450 Monday through Friday, 7:00 am-7:00 pm CST (excluding holidays).

For candidates who will take the test over multiple days, please review the specific dates at this link: Registration and Scheduling with Accommodations.

NOTE: Special thanks to Matt Slayton in Magoosh Student Help for doing the initial research and assisting with the writing.

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