8 Math Help Blogs That Teachers Use

When you want to provide math help to your student, you want the best resources available. The Internet has lots of great resources, including blogs that provide helpful explanations, practice problems with step-by-step guides, and more. If you’re looking for the best math help blogs that teachers use, check out these 8 great options.

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Mr. Math Blog

The Mr. Math Blog was created by a full-time teacher who is currently employed in California. He breaks things down by grade and class, from second grade math to pre-calculus. He then separates each category by chapters. Scan through the list of chapters to find a subject you want to review.

By clicking on the link, you end up at YouTube to watch his explanation videos. These videos last about 5-10 minutes. They include some instruction with examples that include step-by-step procedures for students to follow. And, the author of the blog continues to upload additional videos periodically.

Math Teacher Mambo

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With over 20 years of experience as a high school math teacher, the author of Math Teacher Mambo has lots of great insights to share. For one thing, the website offers downloadable activities for general math, calculus, algebra, pre-calculus, geometry, and AP Computer Science. You can also find lots of hands-on activities for working with quadrilaterals, creating calculus projects, practicing important concepts in trigonometry, and more. If you have a student who could use interactive activities to practice math concepts, there are lots of great ideas to use. Try some of the examples to step away from the textbook and put these math concepts into action.

Math Equals Love

Sarah Carter is a high school math teacher who created her blog to share her love of math. She proudly declares her love of math, and she shares how she works to get her students to love it, too. Because of her blog, she was even named one of NPR’s 50 Great Teachers. Also thanks to her blog, she met her husband, a fellow math teacher and blogger.

The Math Equals Love blog contains fun lesson ideas for algebra, trigonometry, statistics, and physical science. You can also find Sarah’s lists of favorite teaching books, games, and brain teasers to use with students. If your student struggles with math, try some of these fun ideas to review concepts and help them see how much fun math can be.


This blog’s tagline reads “This blog isn’t about making math easy because it isn’t. It’s about making it make sense because it does.” The author of this blog, Erlinda Ronda, hails from the Philippines. It started as “Keeping Math Simple” but has since been changed to Math4Teaching.

She provides math problems for students from kindergarten through high school with help in subjects like algebra, number sense, and geometry. Teachers enjoy the useful tips, math lessons, and assessments provided. Of course, parents can use the site for review ideas and practice tests to use, as well.

Math in the Middle

Math in the Middle has a great layout that makes it easy to find what you want on the site. It offers review games, review packets, word problems, and more. The only difference with this site is that many of the downloads come with a price (although, you can find lots of things for free, too). Parents may find the review packets especially helpful since they cover the various standards that each math class covers throughout the year. Download these to use with your student for extra review and practice.

Rockstar Math Teacher

Rockstar Math Teacher was created by a middle school math teacher in California. It has math activities that you can download and print for free. If your student struggles to take notes in class or needs extra instruction about a particular concept, check out the interactive notebooks. These are guided notebook pages with step-by-step guides. Students can refer to these as they complete homework or prepare for an exam.

Math Tutor PhD

The Math Tutor PhD website began with Michele Williams, an engineer who also minored in mathematics. Her blog is actually specifically written for parents who want to help their students improve. The tagline for the site states “Math U Can: A Math Blog for Parents, Hope for Math-Anxious Parents.” Does this description fit you? Then, this math help blog might be worth following.

Michele Williams specializes in tutoring parents on concepts they might need help understanding so they can better assist their student with homework problems. She also offers great ideas for parents to use, such as ways to prevent summer backsliding or math activities to do based on age and grade level.

Yummy Math

Yummy Math is for students from second grade through high school. Under each grade you’ll find activities broken down by math standards. Most importantly, the site has fun math activities that relate to the NFL, movies, food, weather, science, holidays, and more. These activities are a great way to help your student understand how math works in everyday life.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to help your student get the math help that they need. For example, you could run through flashcards with them or download a math app. For extra practice and helpful tips from teachers, check out the math help blogs that I’ve discussed above. You’ll be relieved to find that there is a plethora of information available to help you better assist your students with math this year.

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