Point Slope Form: How to Use Rise Over Run

Today, we’re going to look at slope — the grade of a straight line on the coordinate plane. Specifically, we’re looking at how to use the rise over run formula to measure a line’s slope. This is sometimes also called the “slope formula,” which states that slope = (change in y)/(change in x), or (y1 […]

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Trigonometry: Advanced Trigonometry Formulas

Today we will learn about advanced trigonometry formulas. Check out this video and the transcript below. And remember to take a look at all of our free math videos! Transcript: Advanced Trigonometry Formulas Now we can talk about some advanced trigonometry formulas. In this video, I will discuss a few advanced formulas from trigonometry. As […]

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Trigonometry: Inverse Trig Functions

As a follow up to our last video, we now turn to learning about inverse trig functions. Watch the video, and if you need extra review, read the transcript of the video posted below. Transcript: Inverse Trig Functions Inverse trig functions. All the trig functions have an input that is an angle and they give […]

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Trigonometry: SOHCAHTOA and Special Triangles

In our last trigonometry video, we discussed SOHCAHTOA. Now we move on to a discussion of SOHCAHTOA and special triangles. Transcript: SOHCAHTOA and Special Triangles Now that we’ve introduced SOHCAHTOA, we can talk about the very important topic of SOHCAHTOA and special triangles. So this lesson will assume, first of all, that you’re familiar with […]

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