Top 5 free online Miller Analogies Test Resources

Despite the common sneer that “you get what you pay for”, especially concerning the internet, there are some free online Miller Analogies Test resources that can help you get ready for the exam.  Here are five of our favorites.

Pearson Assessments (MAT)

You can go straight to the source.  Pearson Education writes and publishes the Miller Analogies test and provides a short Study Guide.  While it does not go too far into detail as to how to study, it does provide valuable insight into the types of things that will be addressed and an overview of the types of concept relationships the analogies will represent.

Quizlet Vocabulary

Quizlet is a teaching tool that offers free vocabulary lists in an interactive flashcard format.  If you want to broaden and strengthen your vocabulary, this is a great tool! You can use it online as is, or sign up for a free account to keep track of what you have studied and create your own lists.

MajorTests Word Lists

This is another tool for learning vocabulary.  While it is not interactive like the Quizlet this offers a great overview of increasingly advanced vocabulary words with a succinct definition. There are also sample tests for the MAT available through this website.

… For Dummies

The website offers several articles on studying for the MAT.  Written and arranged in the same manner as the ubiquitous series of books, it offers information on the format of the test and test taking strategies. This link takes you to what appears to be a product page but if you scroll down there is a list of links to articles from the book that are accessible for free.


This is a very short but thorough document outlining the many different types of relationships that analogies can address.  Being able to identify more than the most common types of comparisons being made between the showing terms can makes you a successful test taker.