How to Pass the Miller Analogies Test

To pass the Miller Analogies Test, you first need to find out the average score for the schools you are applying to. This is as easy as going to the school’s website or simply typing the question into Google (e.g. “Average MAT score for [your school]”). Scoring above this “average,” even just slightly, will put your application ahead of your peers and that’s what you want. On a standardized exam like the MAT, higher than average is the closest there is to a passing score on the MAT.

How to get a passing score on the MAT

The average score on the MAT for all test takers is 400. Due to the MAT’s design, the majority of scores fall close to 400, otherwise known as the median or the 50th percentile. On the plus side, and again because of the MAT’s design, it takes only a few additional correct answers to improve your score dramatically.

An extra 8-10 correct answers can move your score from the 50th percentile to the 70th. If you give yourself 2 months to study, your goals are pretty manageable: increase your knowledge enough to get just 8-10 extra answers correct. That’s the goal.

And this is going to be true for just about everyone. I still want you to look up the average score for your specific school (and program), but I can say from my own research that a 70th percentile score is above average for most colleges.

After you identify the score you need for your school, I would recommend downloading the official MAT study guide and the MAT candidate information booklet. They are short enough for you to read through in an hour or two. After this, I would suggest looking through some of our study focused blogs. Here are a few recommendations:

If you follow these, you should have no problem setting up an effective study plan.