When is the Miller Analogies Test Offered?

The Miller Analogies Test is offered throughout the year. To find a date, students first need to find a testing center. Pearson provides a complete list of testing centers that offer the MAT on their website.

Choosing a MAT testing center

Depending on where you live, there may be multiple testing centers around you. Typically, testing centers charge a fee between $60-$100 to take the MAT exam. Since there is no “set” price, you might benefit from checking several test center websites to compare costs.

Most test centers offer the MAT on set days; at a minimum, you will probably need to schedule your exam a month ahead of time if you want to have a variety of options for dates and time slots. If you wait too long, you will have to take whatever is available.

Are you a morning or a night person? Try to pick a time of day when you feel like you do your best mental work. If you have no idea when that is, research shows that people tend to do their best critical thinking during the hours between 10am-12pm, so you might aim for that.

Things to consider for taking the MAT

Hopefully you are scheduling the exam on a date that allows you at least one month to study. For those aiming for a high score, it would definitely be beneficial to have two months available for studying (also check out our 1 month MAT study guide).

If you are taking the exam for graduate school, make sure you take it 15-20 days before your application deadline. This will help ensure that your scores arrive on time. Also, if you are intending to take the exam more than once (many students choose to), make sure you schedule enough study time between retakes.

If you did not perform well on the first exam, two weeks of study in-between probably will not be much of a score boost; instead, aim to get at least a month of study in between retakes.