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Miller Analogies Test (MAT) Sample Questions

There are a couple of places for MAT sample questions — the official MAT guide for example. In addition, we have provided several questions here that should help you get an idea of what the actual MAT is like.

MAT Sample Questions


MAT Sample Questions

The MAT can test your familiarity with historical figures, like Caesar. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Deft : ( a. Adroit b. Plumb c. Dolorous d. Blind ) :: Poise : Aplomb
  2. Julius : Hannibal :: Caesar : (a. Carthage b. Pompeia c. Barca d. Dressing)
  3. Motion : Emotion :: ( a. Rotary b. Speed c. Obtuse d. Inertia ) : Fear
  4. Flow : Emit :: (a. Space b. Wolf c. Dimension d. Reverse ) : Time
  5. (a. Slander b. Gullible c. Credulous d. Venerate)  : Disrespect :: Amenable : Incorrigible
  6. Scone : Appear :: (a. Pastry b. Fruit c. One d. Scope)  : Pear
  7. (a. Surf b. Wind c. Water d.  Squall) : Wave :: Rain : Flood
  8. Freud : Jung :: Einstein : (a. Hume b. Oppenheimer c. Gauss d. Mendel)
  9. 89 degrees : 92 degrees : (a. Acute b. Complementary c. Supplementary d. Right) : Obtuse

The answers for above MAT Sample Questions

If you have never answered an MAT question before, you might have had a tough time with these. Not just because the material is diverse, but also because if you don’t know how the analogies are structured, you won’t know which terms can be paired.

For those of you who struggled with these, I would recommend reading through the MAT official guide. The guide provides a full breakdown of MAT analogies to show you what you can and can’t do to answer them. It also provides the most useful strategies for solving MAT questions. We also have an article on the best way to solve MAT questions

Now the actual answers:

  1. Choice A. Adroit and Deft are synonyms as are Poise and Aplomb.
  2. Choice C. Julius Caesar is a famous general and leader; Hannibal Barca is also a famous general and leader.
  3. Choice A. In physics, Rotary is a type of Motion. Similarly,  Fear is a type of Emotion.
  4. Choice B. Flow spelled backwards is Wolf, and Emit spelled backwards is Time.
  5. Choice D. Venerate and Disrespect are antonyms as are Amenable and Incorrigible.
  6. Choice C. If you remove the first two letters of Scone you spell One. If you remove the first to letters of Appear, you spell Pear.
  7. Choice B. Wind causes Waves; Rain causes Floods.
  8. Choice B. Freud and Jung were both famous in the field of psychology. Einstein and Oppenheimer were both famous in the field of physics.
  9. Choice A. An angle at 89 degrees is Acute; whereas, an angle at 92 degrees is obtuse.


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4 Responses to “Miller Analogies Test (MAT) Sample Questions”

  1. C Edwards says:

    You spelled Caesar wrong above on the second question. Should be Caesar!

  2. John Smith says:

    For answer 3, you said “love” is an emotion but the word in the test is “Fear”

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