Miller Analogies Test 98th Percentile

The scaled score on the MAT falls between 200-600. The Miller Analogies Test 98th percentile represents a scaled score of about 450. It’s hard to pinpoint it exactly, but scores between 445-455 are an approximate range for the 98th percentile.

Miller Analogies Test bell curve

Miller Analogies Test 98th percentile

For those students unfamiliar with the bell curve, you should check out our articles on the MAT Bell Curve specifically. In short, the 98th percentile falls about half way between 1σ and 2σ; it would be just past the line noting “2.1%.”

What this chart shows is that a score in the 98th percentile, between 445-454, is higher than the score achieved by 98 percent of the population. This is a big deal because when something has a bell curve distribution, scores at this range are exceedingly rare.

How do I get in the 98th percentile?

In all honesty, this is not exactly something that you can study your way up to.

The Miller Analogies Test is a test of cognitive ability; this is the trait often examined by IQ tests. There is research showing that your cognitive abilities can be improved in small, focused ways. However, there is no research that suggests a move from average to the 98th percentile is possible through study. Fortunately, you don’t need a score that high.

For most schools, you only need to achieve a good score on the MAT.  Since it is so difficult to score at the higher ends of this exam, getting just 8-10 extra questions right can dramatically improve your score. That handful of additional correct answers can move you from the 50th to somewhere between the 70th and 80th percentiles. On cognitive exams, that is a huge jump.

For a breakdown on how to accomplish this, check out our blog on “How to master the Miller Analogies Test.”