MAT Analogy Practice

MAT analogy practice is essential to Miller Analogies success! Today, we’ll work through a tough analogy and explain how we arrived at the correct answer!

MAT Analogy Practice- magoosh

MAT Analogy Practice 1

HINDUISM :                                   :: CONFUCIANISM : TAOISM

  1. Jainism
  2. Christianity
  3. Judaism
  4. Shinto

First off — can you determine what type of analogy this is?

If you guessed classification, you’re right! This is the only type of analogy possible for this group of words. Their definitions are neither synonyms nor antonyms, so semantics is out. None of the above terms has anything to do with math or logic, so that’s an easy category to eliminate. Finally, association, that is a little more difficult to knock out, but as you scan through the answer choices, it is plain to see that each is a different type of religion. They are not expressing a relationship between two concepts, but are rather the concepts themselves. This leaves classification as the only possible analogy type.

Now that you know you’re dealing with a classification analogy, your next task should be to classify further. Can you classify either Hinduism and Confucianism or Confucianism and Taoism together in a substantive way?

Confucianism and Taoism are both religious traditions that originated in China. Where did Hinduism originate?

India. Are there any other religions on the list that originated in India?



By using the classification type to guide us through choosing our answer, we are able to determine a relationship between 7 words which all seem equally rated, since they are all religions. By using classification, we are able further specialize the relationship between the terms and come up with our answer.

This analogy is also a good example of the need for knowledge gained through years of education from all different disciplines to succeed on the Miller Analogies Test. This analogy required knowledge of the humanities, while others will require a knowledge of the natural sciences or mathematics.